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When you work on legal issues for a company, either in-house or as outside counsel, you quickly learn that there’s a lot of ground to cover. From employment, operations, bylaws, litigation, to substantive issues, corporate counsel must be prepared for it all. FindLaw’s Corporate Counsel Center is here to help, with legal articles and news on topics that will help you support your business: Intellectual Property, Human Resources, Business Operations, Finance, Corporate Governance, and Litigation & Disputes. Our Law Library provides a collection of articles written by legal professionals for businesses about many different areas of substantive law. We also provide free access to a large archive of sample contracts from public companies spanning a wide variety of practice areas.

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    • Managing the Borderline Employee.

      Borderline employees must be managed resourcefully to maximize the possibility of rehabilitating them, if that is management's goal, or to minimize the potential for litigation in the wake of termination. This article briefly examines tactics for managing the borderline employee.

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    • North Carolina Supreme Court Finds No Exception to Employment-At-Will Based on New Employee's Relocation

      In Kurtzman v. Applied Analytical Industries, Inc., the North Carolina Supreme Court overturned a jury's award of $350,000 for a high-level sales manager who was terminated seven months after he quit his job in Massachusetts. Learn more about how the North Carolina Supreme Court found no exception to employment-at-will based on the new employee's relocation.

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    • Sexual Harassment and Vicarious Liability after FARAGHER and ELLERTH

      For sometime now, different standards have been applied by the various federal circuit appellate courts in deciding whether or not an employer can be held vicariously liable for the sexual harassment of an employee. Learn more about sexual harassment and vicarious liability after the rulings in Faragher Ellerth.

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    • Delaware: The Jurisdiction of Choice in Securitisation

      Delaware continues to be on the cutting edge in offering the securitization community a comprehensive legal framework through which to conduct transactions. That framework includes recent legislation providing some certainty on the issue of jurrisdiction of choice. Learn more now in this article.

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    • Government Contracts Issue Update: Uncompensated Overtime

      Much has been written about the various methods available for Government contractors to account for uncompensated overtime. Unfortunately, almost all of the published information concentrates on the accounting mechanics of timekeeping and labor. Learn more about government contract issues and uncompensated overtime in this article.

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