How to Protect Your Fees in Worker's Compensation Cases: Lack of Physician Lien Means Looking for Other Ways to Recover

Do you often find yourself cheated out of treatment fees when caring for workers' compensation patients? Since there are no physician liens in workers' comp claims, you need to know how to protect yourself.

Here are some of the surest ways to increase your recovery:

  • Be sure the attorney will fight for your bill. Since the patient remains responsible for your bills, regardless of the outcome of the case, it is in the patient's best interest if the attorney fights to get your bills paid by the workers' compensation carrier.
  • Remind the patient and the attorney of the outstanding bill. Send letters to the patient and attorney reminding them of the outstanding bill, and that you are waiting for payment through the workers' compensation case, but that the patient remains responsible for the bill.
Since you are not protected by the Physicians Lien Act, as you are in personal injury claims, working with the attorney is the best way to recover your fees.

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