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When you work on legal issues for a company, either in-house or as outside counsel, you quickly learn that there’s a lot of ground to cover. From employment, operations, bylaws, litigation, to substantive issues, corporate counsel must be prepared for it all. FindLaw’s Corporate Counsel Center is here to help, with legal articles and news on topics that will help you support your business: Intellectual Property, Human Resources, Business Operations, Finance, Corporate Governance, and Litigation & Disputes. Our Law Library provides a collection of articles written by legal professionals for businesses about many different areas of substantive law. We also provide free access to a large archive of sample contracts from public companies spanning a wide variety of practice areas.

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    • The Enforcement of Indonesian Security Interests

      This memorandum will provide a brief description of the procedures whereby a creditor may pursue the enforcement of its Indonesian security interests. The Indonesian Civil Code (the "Civil Code") only recognizes two forms of security interests. Learn more about the enforcement of these security interests by reading this article.

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    • Contemplating A Charitable Sales Promotion? Think Before You Solicit
      In recent years, charitable sales promotions have become an increasingly popular way for consumer products companies to support charitable causes while, at the same time, fostering commercial goodwill. Companies that may not have traditionally ...

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    • Employee and Spouse Railroad Retirement Annuities

      Railroad retirement annuities provide a way for employees and their spouses to enjoy retirement after a long career. In this article, FindLaw discusses the numerous rules and regulations governing the calculation and disbursement of these annuities. 

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    • Railroad Retirement Survivor Benefits

      Survivor benefits are the Railroad Retirement Board's way to financially reward an employee and their survivors for hard work. However, the eligibility of a railroad employee's family members to receive that reward can be impacted by different circumstances. Marriage, remarriage, other qualified beneficiaries, and age all play a part in eligibility and the amount of benefits received.  Find out more as FindLaw discusses railroad retirement benefits.

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    • Is Selective Waiver of Privilege Viable?

      FindLaw's analysis of how the attorney-client privilege applies in the world of corporate investigations and the circuit split on the concept of selective waiver of the privilege.

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