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1997 Director Stock Option Plan - Apple Computer Inc.

                             Apple Computer, Inc.

                       1997 Director Stock Option Plan

                         (Effective as of August 5, 1997)


                             Apple Computer, Inc.

                       1997 Director Stock Option Plan

1.  Purposes.    The purposes of the Plan are to retain the services 
of qualified individuals who are not employees of the Company to serve as 
members of the Board and to secure for the Company the benefits of the 
incentives inherent in increased Common Stock ownership by such individuals 
by granting such individuals Options to purchase shares of Common Stock.

2.  Administration.   The Administrator will be responsible for 
administering the Plan. The Administrator will have authority to adopt such 
rules as it may deem appropriate to carry out the purposes of the Plan, and 
shall have authority to interpret and construe the provisions of the Plan and 
any agreements and notices under the Plan and to make determinations 
pursuant to any Plan provision. Each interpretation, determination or other 
action made or taken by the Administrator pursuant to the Plan shall be final 
and binding on all persons. The Administrator shall not be liable for any 
action or determination made in good faith, and shall be entitled to 
indemnification and reimbursement in the manner provided in the Company's 
Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws as such documents may be amended from 
time to time.

3.  Shares Available.

Subject to the provisions of Section 7(b) of the Plan, the maximum 
number of shares of Common Stock which may be issued under the Plan shall 
not exceed 400,000 shares (the 'Section 3 Limit'').  Either authorized and 
unissued shares of Common Stock or treasury shares may be delivered 
pursuant to the Plan. For purposes of determining the number of shares that 
remain available for issuance under the Plan, the following rules shall apply:

    (a)   the number of shares of Common Stock underlying Options 
shall be charged against the Section 3 Limit; and
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