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Annual Executive Annual Incentive Plan (VP) - Symantec

FY12 Executive Annual Incentive PlanExecutive Vice President & Group President : 95%

This Annual Incentive Plan ("Plan") of Symantec Corporation ("Symantec") is effective as of April 2, 2011. The Board of Directors reserves the right to alter or cancel all or any portion of the Plan for any reason at any time.


FY12 Executive Annual Incentive Compensation Plan
Job Category: Executive Vice President and Group President


Provide critical focus on specific, measurable corporate and division goals and provide performance-based compensation based upon the level of attainment of such goals.

Bonus Target:

The target incentive bonus for this job category is 95% of the annual salary. Annual base salary has been established at the beginning of the fiscal year. Bonuses will be calculated based on actual base salary earnings from time of eligibility under the Plan through March 30, 2012. (Base salary earnings for the purpose of this Plan do not include any PTO accrual payments.) Payments will be subject to applicable payroll taxes and withholdings.

Bonus Payments:

The annual incentive bonus will be paid once annually. Payment will be made within six weeks after the end of the fiscal year but in the event the amount cannot be calculated within such six weeks in no event may payments be made later than 2-1/2 (two and a half) months after the end of the fiscal year. Payments made pursuant to this Plan are at the sole discretion of the Administrator of the Plan.


Three performance metrics will be used in the determination of the annual incentive bonus payment as determined by the Administrator. The Company153s reported numbers are based on GAAP Corporate Revenue and non-GAAP EPS results. The Individual Performance metric is evaluated based on the individual153s Victory Plan results. The President & CEO and the Board of Directors reserve the right to determine final payout level for the individual performance metric.

Metric Weighting

Corporate Revenue



Corporate Earnings per Share



Individual Performance/Victory Plan Results



Achievement Schedule:

An established threshold must be exceeded for each of the applicable performance metrics before the portion of the bonus applicable to such performance metric will be paid. All three metrics are capped.


The calculation of the annual incentive bonus will be determined, in part, based on eligible base salary earnings for the fiscal year and, subject to the eligibility requirements below, will be pro-rated based on the number of days the participant is actively employed as a regular status employee of Symantec during the fiscal year. If a participant takes a leave of absence from the Company during the fiscal year, any payments received by the participant as an income protection benefit will not be counted toward base salary earnings for the purpose of bonus calculations.


Participants must be regular status employees on the day bonus checks are distributed To earn the bonus. If the company grants an interim payment for any reason, the Participant must be a regular status employee at the end of the fiscal year in order to receive such payment. Ongoing contributions toward the Company153s overall success, particularly toward year end is of particular business importance. As such, a participant who leaves before the end of the fiscal year will not be eligible to earn the annual incentive bonus or any pro-rated portion thereof. The Plan participant must be a regular status employee of Symantec at the end of the fiscal year in order to be eligible


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