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Confidential Agreement and General Release of Claims - At Home Corp. and George Bell

                            CONFIDENTIAL AGREEMENT
                         AND GENERAL RELEASE OF CLAIMS

"Agreement") dated April 23, 2001 is between George Bell ("Employee") 
and At Home Corporation, doing business as Excite@Home (the "Company"), 
a Delaware corporation. As used in this Agreement, the Company refers 
to At Home Corporation and all parents, subsidiaries, divisions, 
predecessors, and successors of At Home Corporation.

WHEREAS, Employee wishes to resign his positions as Chief Executive 
Officer and Chairman; and

WHEREAS, Company wishes to retain Employee for transition and 
consultation services;


1.   Resignation as an Officer and Board Member of the Company.
Employee's employment as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the 
Company will terminate effective as of April 23, 2001 (the "Separation 
Date") and Employee will resign from such positions on the Separation 
Date. On the Separation Date, Employee will also resign from the 
Company's Board of Directors, effective as of the Separation Date. 
Employee will continue as an employee for the period from the 
Separation Date through June 30, 2001 (the "Interim Employment 
Period"). During the Interim Employment Period, Employee will make 
himself available at mutually convenient times as requested by the
Company's Chief Executive Officer and will be entitled to 
reimbursement for his reasonable business expenses on the same basis 
applicable to management employees of the Company generally (not to 
exceed $10,000.00 unless Employee is specifically requested to perform 
activities where his expenses would exceed this amount). 
Notwithstanding this employment, Employee shall be free to 
simultaneously engage in other activities chosen by Employee, 
including full- time employment with any other entities, during the 
Interim Employment Period.

          2.   Obligations of the Company.

               a.  In exchange for the release of claims and other
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