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Employment Agreement - Alliant Techsystems Inc. and Arlen D. Jameson

                 Compensation Arrangement with Arlen D. Jameson

  -  A special incentive of 6000 shares of Alliant stock that will be delivered
     to you at the time that Alliant is named winner of the ICBM Modernization
     contract (this stock incentive is contingent upon Board approval and is
     subject to normal tax withholding).  Of course, the shares will not be
     awarded if we do not win the program.  This incentive assumes that the
     program stays on track as currently defined and there is a prime contract.
     A change away from a prime contract would require a re-evaluation of the
     special incentive.  This stock incentive is offered in lieu of any other
     annual or long-term incentive during the ICBM proposal activity.

  -  An initial base annual salary at the time of hire of $200,000.  At the time
     we win the program, your annual compensation will be restructured to a
     total target amount of $215,000, comprised of a base annual salary of
     $160,000 plus a target annual incentive amount of $55,000.  From the date
     we win the program through the end of FY98 (March 31, 1998), your target
     incentive will be prorated for time.  For the first year of employment
     after contract award, our minimum guaranteed incentive will be $40,000.
     Based on present timing, this may be over two Alliant fiscal years.  Actual
     incentives earned may be up to 200% of target for outstanding performance
     by you individually, your business unit, and the corporation in total.

  -  Additionally, once the program is won, you will also participate in
     Alliant's Long Term Incentive Plan, which under today's design is an annual
     grant of stock options in the May/June timeframe.  Our current intent is to
     target your future grants at 4000 options per year.  This number could
     change to the extent that we recalibrate the number of options for all
     executives.  I anticipate that your first option grant would be issued in

  -  If we do not win the ICBM program, we will attempt to place you in an
     alternative, mutually-acceptable position within the company; however, if
     we are unable to do so, we will provide a severance amount of $100,000.
     After the award date, the severance amount available in the event of any
     company initiated termination (other than for cause) will be structured as
     follows:  $100,000 for the next six months, $70,000 for the next 12 months,
     and after that period of time the severance amount available will be
     reduced to the greater of normal severance (one week's base pay per full
     year of service) or three months base salary.  All severance payments are
     lump sum.

  -  We offer a comprehensive benefit program covering retirement, healthcare,
     dental care, life insurance, short and long term disability, health and
     dependent care reimbursement accounts, etc.

  -  You will be eligible to participate in the Alliant 401(K) plan immediately
     upon beginning employment with Alliant.  This plan provides for pre and
     post tax savings and a 50% company match up to the first 6% of your
     contributions.  The company match vests immediately upon employment.  You
     will also be permitted to rollover into the Alliant 401(K) plan the present
     balance from your current qualified savings plan, to the extent allowable
     by law.

  -  Ten days of vacation will be deposited in your vacation accrual account
     when you commence employment, and then you will accrue vacation days at the
     normal company rate which increases with tenure.

  -  While in this assignment, you will be provided with a car.

  -  During the period of time preceding Alliant's win of the ICBM program,
     Alliant will provide you with a furnished apartment.  Also, during this
     period, we will provide for travel home every other week.  Travel of the
     same value can be used by your wife to visit Utah as long as the total
     trips are no greater than one every other week.

  -  Upon winning the program, it is anticipated that you would move your family
     to Salt Lake City.  You will receive a broad relocation package.  This
     includes third party purchase of your current primary residence, movement
     of household goods, and closing costs of your current and new residences.

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