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Employment Agreement - Liberate Technologies and Phil Vachon

November 15, 2000

Mitchell Kertzman
President & Chief Executive Officer
Liberate Technologies
2 Circle Star Way
San Carlos, CA 94070

Subject: Notice Pursuant to Employment Agreement

Dear Mitchell:

Per my employment agreement, dated June 30, 2000, I am notifying you as to my intent to assume a reduced role with Liberate, as well as the dates for my transition. I would like to propose the following terms for your review and approval:

  • I will remain in my current role as Senior Vice President Worldwide Sales (with the current level of responsibilities) until December 30, 2000.
  • I plan to take vacation time from December 31, 2000 until February 12, 2001 (240 hours, equal to 30 days). I will submit a vacation request form reflecting these dates for approval.
  • On February 27, 2001, Liberate will change my employment status to reflect a reduced role, as follows:
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