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Employment Agreement - Navigant International Inc. and Jonathan J. Ledecky

                                                         /__/ Employee's Copy
                                                         /__/ Employer's Copy

                                    FORM OF

                          NAVIGANT INTERNATIONAL, INC.

                              EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT

To Jonathan J. Ledecky:

    This Agreement establishes the terms of your employment with Navigant 
International, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the 'Company'), as of June 10, 
1998. This Agreement is contingent on and subject to the closing of the 
distribution (the 'Distribution') to the U.S. Office Products Company 
('USOP') stockholders of the Company's stock. If the Distribution does not 
close by September 30, 1998, this Agreement will have no force or effect.

Duties             You agree to serve as a senior consultant to the Company
                   providing strategic business advice and high level
                   acquisition negotiations. In that capacity, you will report
                   to the Company's senior management and its Board of Directors
                   (the 'Board'). The Board can require such reports of your
                   activities on the Company's behalf as it reasonably deems
                   appropriate. It can require your services to the extent
                   consistent with your other contractual employment obligations
                   to Consolidation Capital Corporation ('CCC'), USOP, and the
                   other subsidiaries ('Other Spincos') of USOP whose common
                   stock will be distributed to the USOP stockholders concurrent
                   with the Company's stock, with the specific timing of your
                   services to be mutually agreed. You agree to comply with the
                   Company's generally applicable personnel policies to the
                   extent applicable to a person working on your schedule and
                   consistent with your obligations in this Agreement.

Term               The term of this Agreement runs from the day following the
                   effective date of the Distribution (the 'Closing Date')
                   through June 30, 2000, unless earlier terminated as provided
                   in this Agreement.

Salary             You will receive an annual salary of $48,000 from the Closing
                   Date, payable in accordance with the Company's payroll

Benefits           You are eligible for participation in the Company's generally
                   applicable benefit plans and programs (including its 401(k)
                   Plan) to the extent you satisfy their terms for

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky

Expenses           The Company will make available to you, on an as needed and
                   as mutually agreed basis, office space, secretarial
                   assistance, and supplies for the direct performance of your
                   services to the Company. It will pay or reimburse you for
                   reasonable business expenses relating to the direct
                   performance of such services, to limits to be mutually agreed
                   in advance, upon proper and timely substantiation.

Options            You are receiving options for the Common Stock of the Company
                   in consideration for services as an employee of the Company.

         Option         Your options will cover 7.5% of the Company's
                        outstanding common stock determined as of the
                        Distribution Date (excluding the stock under the
                        Company's initial public offering), with no
                        anti-dilution provisions in the event of issuance of
                        additional shares of common stock (other than with
                        respect to stock splits or reverse stock splits).

         Term           Your option will expire ten years from the Closing Date.

         Price          Your option will have a per share exercise price equal
                        to the offering price in the Company's initial public
                        offering, or if no initial public offering commences 
                        on the Closing Date, at the fair market value of the 
                        Company's common stock, as determined under the 
                        Company's option plan, for the date of grant.

         Schedule       Your option will be fully vested when granted, but may
                        not be exercised until the first anniversary of the
                        Closing Date.

                        Your option will become exercisable before that first
                        anniversary if and to the extent that the Company 
                        accelerates the exercisability of the options for 
                        substantially all management optionholders.

                        All unexercised portions of your options will expire if,
                        as finally determined by a court, you violate the No
                        Competition provision.

         Disgorging     If a court finds that you violated the No Competition
         Option         provision, you agree that your unexercised options are
         Gain           retroactively forfeited as of the date of the violation
                        and that, if you have exercised the options since the
                        violation began, you will promptly pay the Company any
                        Option Gain, net of any taxes actually paid on the 
                        options. For purposes of this Agreement, the 'Option
                        Gain' per share you received on exercise of options on
                        or after the violation is

         Stock          for stock you have sold, the greater of (i) the spread
         Sold           between closing price on the date of exercise and the
                        exercise price paid ('Exercise Spread') and (ii) the
                        spread between the price at which you sold the stock and
                        the exercise price paid, and

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky       Page 2 of 10

         Stock          for stock you have retained, the greater of (i) Exercise
         Retained       Spread and (ii) the spread between the closing price on
                        the date of the court's final determination and the
                        exercise price paid.

                   All unexpired options will vest and be exercisable at your

Termination        The Company can terminate your employment under this
                   Agreement only for 'cause.' 'Cause' means your (i) conviction
                   of or guilty or nolo contendere plea to a felony demonstrably
                   and materially injurious to the Company's business, and
                   resulting in a sentence of imprisonment, or (ii), as finally
                   determined by a court, violation of the No Competition
                   provision as it applies to the Company, provided that the
                   Company will give you 10 days to resolve the violation before
                   attempting to invoke this termination provision. For a
                   termination under (ii), you agree to repay any salary you
                   received from the Company between the date of the violation
                   and the date of the court's determination.

Severance          If your employment ends because you resign or are properly
                   terminated for cause, you will not receive severance or
                   termination pay and your salary will end. Except to the
                   extent the law or the terms of an applicable plan requires
                   otherwise, neither you nor your beneficiary or estate will
                   have any rights or claims under this Agreement or otherwise
                   to receive severance or any other compensation or to
                   participate in any other plan, arrangement, or benefit, after
                   your termination of employment, other than with respect to
                   your options.

No Competition     Consistent with certain of your prior obligations to USOP,
                   you will not, until after the end of the Restricted Period,
                   for any reason whatsoever, directly or indirectly, for
                   yourself or on behalf of or in conjunction with any other
                   person, persons, company, partnership, corporation, or
                   business of whatever nature:

         Competition    (i) engage, as an officer, director, shareholder, owner,
                        partner, joint venturer, or in a managerial capacity,
                        whether as an employee, independent contractor,
                        consultant, or advisor, or as a sales representative, in
                        any business (other than an Excluded Business, as
                        defined below) selling any products or services in
                        direct competition with the Company within 100 miles of
                        where the Company or where any of the Company's
                        subsidiaries or affiliates regularly maintains any of
                        its or their offices with employees (the 'Territory'),
                        where 'products or services' are determined for this
                        clause with respect to products or services offered on
                        or before January 13, 1998 by the Company and/or any of
                        its subsidiaries or

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky       Page 3 of 10

                        the predecessor companies combined to form the Company
                        in connection with Distribution and where the geographic
                        limitation is determined with reference to the Company
                        and its subsidiaries and not to USOP or the other
                        Spincos (e.g., competition with respect to the 
                        Company is determined by reference to the location 
                        where the Company or its subsidiary has an office 
                        with employees and not to the locations of offices of 
                        other Spincos);

         Employees      (ii) call upon any person who is, at that time, within
                        the Territory, an employee of the Company (including the
                        respective subsidiaries and/or affiliates thereof) in a
                        managerial capacity for the purpose or with the intent
                        of enticing such employee away from or out of the
                        Company's employ (including the respective subsidiaries
                        and/or affiliates thereof) other than a member of your
                        immediate family; or

         Customers      (iii) call upon any person or entity that is, at that
                        time, or that has been, within one year prior to that
                        time, a customer of the Company (including the
                        respective subsidiaries and/or affiliates thereof)
                        within the Territory for the purpose of soliciting or
                        selling products or services in direct competition with
                        the Company (including the respective subsidiaries
                        and/or affiliates thereof) within the Territory other
                        than on behalf of an Excluded Business.

                        For purposes of this Agreement, the 'Restricted Period'
                        ends, on the later of the second anniversary of the
                        Closing Date and the date one year after you leave
                        employment with the Company and its subsidiaries and

                        For purposes of this Agreement, the 'Excluded
                        Businesses' are the following:

                             (i) any electrical contracting business that, at 
                             the time of its creation or acquisition and at 
                             all later times, derives more than 50% of its 
                             revenues from electrical contracting and 
                             maintenance services, without regard to whether 
                             it would otherwise violate the No Competition 
                             clause because it is engaged in a business 
                             directly competitive with Aztec Technology 
                             Partners, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries 
                             (together, 'Aztec'), provided that this 
                             exclusion does not permit the business to engage 
                             in any of the lines of business described under 
                             'Consulting and Engineering Services,' 'Systems 
                             and Network Design and Implementation Services,' 
                             and 'Software Development and Implementation 
                             Services' in the Aztec Form S-1 filed on June 3, 
                             1998 (the 'Aztec Specified Businesses') other 
                             than as provided under (ii) or (vi) in the 
                             Excluded Businesses;

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky       Page 4 of 10

                             (ii) any business whose revenue from activities 
                             that compete with Aztec and its subsidiaries, at 
                             the time of the business's creation or 
                             acquisition and at all later times, is less than 
                             $15 million per year, provided that this 
                             exclusion does not permit the business to engage 
                             in the Aztec Specified Businesses other than (i) 
                             as provided under (vi) in the Excluded 
                             Businesses or (ii) through the pending CCC 
                             acquisitions of National Network Systems in 
                             Denver, Colorado and of Chamber Electronics 
                             Communications in Phoenix, Arizona 

                             (iv) any business engaged, and only to the extent 
                             that it is so engaged, in the business of selling,
                             supplying, or distributing janitorial or sanitary
                             products or services;

                             (v) any business engaged, and only to the extent 
                             it is so engaged, in the managing or servicing of 
                             office equipment (other than computers);

                             (vi) any business engaged, and only to the extent 
                             it is so engaged, in providing internet access 
                             services and activities supportive of such 

                             (vii) UniCapital Corporation's business as 
                             described in its prospectus as of the date of 
                             this Agreement; and

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky       Page 5 of 10

                             (viii) U.S. Marketing Services Inc's ('USM') 
                             shelf-stocking and merchandising, and point of 
                             purchase display creation and incentive 
                             marketing businesses, as described in its 
                             registration statement filed on the date of this 
                             Agreement, so long as you are solely an investor 
                             in USM and not an officer, director, or employee 
                             of, or consultant to, USM; provided, however, 
                             that your service as a director will not violate 
                             the foregoing requirement as long as you cease 
                             to be a director no later than the 90th day 
                             after the effective date of the registration of 
                             USM's initial public offering;

                        provided, that in each case you are engaged in such
                        business only in a policy making role and not in the
                        entity's business in a manner that would involve you in
                        direct personal competition with the Company (and its
                        subsidiaries), provided further that this proviso does 
                        not prevent your activities in furtherance of 
                        acquisitions of Excluded Businesses, and provided 
                        further that you will comply with your fiduciary 
                        duties as a director of the Company in connection 
                        with the Excluded Businesses.

                   To the extent permitted by your obligations to the relevant
                   Excluded Business, as an employee and/or director of the
                   Company (or its subsidiaries), you will inform the relevant
                   entity of any opportunities for it associated with any of the
                   Excluded Businesses.

                   In addition to (and not in lieu of) the restriction contained
                   in the Employees clause above, you agree that, during the
                   period that the restrictions contained in this No Competition
                   provision remain in effect, and so long as you are employed
                   by, or otherwise affiliated with, CCC, you will not, directly
                   or indirectly, offer employment with CCC to, or otherwise
                   allow CCC to employ, any person who

                        is employed by the Company or a subsidiary of the
                        Company at the time; or

                        was so employed by the Company or a subsidiary of the
                        Company within one year prior to such time.

                   Notwithstanding the above, the foregoing covenant shall 
                   not be deemed to prohibit you from acquiring capital stock 
                   in CCC or any Excluded Business or serving as an officer, 
                   director or employee or consultant to CCC, or acquiring as 
                   an investment not more than one percent (1%) of the 
                   capital stock of a competing business, whose stock is 
                   traded on a national securities exchange or 
                   over-the-counter, provided that such actions do not 
                   otherwise breach your obligations hereunder; and provided 
                   further that actions of CCC after you have ceased to be a 
                   director, officer, and employee of CCC will not constitute 
                   a breach of this covenant, despite your continued stock 
                   ownership, so long as you are not then directly assisting 
                   any competitive actions.

                   Because of the difficulty of measuring economic losses to the
                   Company as a result of a breach of the foregoing covenant,
                   and because of the immediate and irreparable damage that
                   could be caused to the Company for which it would have no
                   other adequate remedy, you agree that the Company may enforce
                   the No Competition provisions by injunctions and restraining

                   You and the Company agree that you will not be in 
                   violation of the No Competition provisions by virtue of 
                   your investment in or other relationship to USOP, any of 
                   the Spincos, or their respective subsidiaries, even if one 
                   of those entities engages in direct competition with 
                   another. You and the Company agree that CCC's acquisition 
                   or retention of Wilson Electric Company, Inc. ('Wilson') 
                   and Wilson's engaging in any lines of business in place as 
                   of the Closing Date do not violate the No Competition 

                   You and the Company agree that the No Competition provisions
                   impose a reasonable restraint on you in light of the
                   Company's activities and

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky       Page 6 of 10

                   business (including the Company's subsidiaries and/or
                   affiliates) on the date of the execution of this Agreement.

                   The Company agrees to consider reasonably and within two
                   weeks of receipt any requests you make for a waiver from the
                   No Competition provisions for a particular acquisition.

                   You and the Company further agree that, if you enter into a
                   business or pursue other activities not in competition with
                   the Company (including the Company's subsidiaries), or
                   similar activities or business in locations the operation of
                   which, under such circumstances, does not violate the
                   Competition clause of this No Competition provision, and in
                   any event such new business, activities, or location is not
                   in violation of this No Competition provision or of your
                   obligations under this No Competition provision, if any, you
                   will not be chargeable with a violation of this provision if
                   the Company (including the Company's subsidiaries) shall
                   thereafter enter the same, similar, or a competitive (i)
                   business, (ii) course of activities, or (iii) location, as

                   The covenants in this No Competition provision are severable
                   and separate, and the unenforceability of any specific
                   covenant does not affect the provisions of any other
                   covenant. Moreover, if any court of competent jurisdiction
                   shall determine that the scope, time, or territorial
                   restrictions set forth are unreasonable, then it is the
                   intention of the parties that such restrictions be enforced
                   to the fullest extent which the court deems reasonable, and
                   the Agreement shall thereby be reformed.

                   All of the covenants in this No Competition provision shall
                   be construed as an agreement independent of any other
                   provision in this Agreement, and the existence of any claim
                   or cause of action by you against the Company, whether
                   predicated on this Agreement or otherwise, shall not
                   constitute a defense to the enforcement by the Company of
                   such covenants. It is specifically agreed that the Restricted
                   Period, during which your agreements and covenants made in
                   this provision shall be effective, is computed by excluding
                   from such computation any time during which you are in
                   violation of any provision of the No Competition provision.

                   Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, if any applicable law
                   reduces the time period during which you are prohibited from
                   engaging in any competitive activity described in this
                   provision, you agree that the period for prohibition shall be
                   the maximum time permitted by law.

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky       Page 7 of 10

                   You specifically agree that USOP and the Company have
                   provided you with sufficient consideration for the
                   enforcement of the No Competition obligations for the
                   Restricted Period and for the assumption of such benefits by
                   the Company. You specifically consent to USOP's assignment to
                   the Company of the right to enforce the No Competition
                   provisions of the Amended Ledecky Services Agreement, as
                   those provisions are incorporated in this Agreement.

Other              The Company acknowledges that you are also employed by CCC,
Employment         USOP, and the Other Spincos, and agrees that such dual
                   employment does not breach this Agreement, unless and to the
                   extent that you thereby violate the No Competition

Return of          All records, designs, patents, business plans, financial
Company            statements, manuals, memoranda, lists and other property
Property           delivered to or compiled by you by or on behalf of the
                   Company (including the respective subsidiaries thereof) or
                   their representatives, vendors, or customers that pertain to
                   the business of the Company (including the respective
                   subsidiaries thereof) shall be and remain the property of the
                   Company, and be subject at all times to its discretion and
                   control. Likewise, you will make reasonably available at the
                   Company's request during business hours all correspondence,
                   reports, records, acquisition materials, charts, advertising
                   materials and other similar data pertaining to the business,
                   activities, or future plans of the Company that you have
                   collected or obtained.

Trade Secrets      You agree that you will not, during or after the term of this
                   Agreement with the Company, disclose the specific terms of
                   the Company's (including the respective subsidiaries thereof)
                   relationships or agreements with its or their respective
                   significant vendors or customers or any other significant and
                   material trade secret of the Company (including the
                   respective subsidiaries thereof) whether in existence or
                   proposed, to any person, firm, partnership, corporation or
                   business for any reason or purpose whatsoever. For CCC or any
                   other businesses with which you are affiliated or in which
                   you are a stockholder, you may reach agreement on comparable
                   terms with significant vendors to the Company, so long as you
                   do not provide copies of or otherwise disclose the specific
                   terms of the Company's relationships or agreements.

Indemnification    If you are made a party to any threatened, pending, or
                   completed action, suit or proceeding, whether civil,
                   criminal, administrative or investigative (other than an
                   action by the Company against you), by reason of the fact
                   that you are or were performing services under this Agreement
                   then the Company must indemnify you against all expenses
                   (including attorneys'

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky       Page 8 of 10

                   fees), judgments, fines and amounts paid in settlement, as
                   actually and reasonably incurred by you in connection
                   therewith to the fullest extent provided by Delaware law and
                   in accordance with the Company's Bylaws.

No Prior           You hereby represent and warrant to the Company that your
Agreements         execution of this Agreement, your services to the Company,
                   and the performance of your agreements hereunder will not
                   violate or be a breach of any agreement with a former or
                   current employer, client, or any other person or entity.
                   Further, you agree to indemnify the Company for any claim,
                   including, but not limited to, attorneys' fees and expenses
                   of investigation, by any such third party that such third
                   party may now have or may hereafter come to have against the
                   Company based upon or arising out of any non-competition
                   agreement, invention, or secrecy agreement between you and
                   such third party that was in existence as of the date of this

Complete           This Agreement is not a promise of future employment. You
Agreement          have no oral representations, understandings, or agreements
                   with the Company or any of its officers, directors, or
                   representatives covering the same subject matter as this
                   Agreement. This written Agreement is the final, complete, and
                   exclusive statement and expression of the agreement between
                   the Company and you with respect to all the terms of this
                   Agreement, and it cannot be varied, contradicted, or
                   supplemented by evidence of any prior or contemporaneous oral
                   or written agreements. This written Agreement may not be
                   later modified except by a further writing signed by a duly
                   authorized officer of the Company and you, and no term of
                   this Agreement may be waived except by writing signed by the
                   party waiving the benefit of such term.

Notice             Whenever any notice is required hereunder, it shall be given
                   in writing addressed as follows:

                   To the Company: Navigant International, Inc.
                                   Attention:  Chief Executive Officer
                                   84 Inverness Circle East
                                   Englewood, Colorado 80112

                   To Employee:    Jonathan J. Ledecky
                                   1400 34th St.,  N.W.
                                   Washington, D.C.  20007

                   Notice shall be deemed given and effective three days after
                   the deposit in the U.S. mail of a writing addressed as above
                   and sent first class mail, certified, return receipt
                   requested, or when actually received. Either party

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky       Page 9 of 10

                   may change the address for notice by notifying the other
                   party of such change in accordance with this Notice

Severability       If any portion of this Agreement is held invalid or
                   inoperative, the other portions of this Agreement shall be
                   deemed valid and operative and, so far as is reasonable and
                   possible, effect shall be given to the intent manifested by
                   the portion held invalid or inoperative. This severability
                   provision shall be in addition to, and not in place of, the
                   comparable provisions in the No Competition provision.

Governing          Law This Agreement shall in all respects be construed
                   according to the laws of the State of Delaware, other than
                   those relating to conflicts of laws. Any decision as to
                   breaches of this Agreement or any provision herein shall be
                   made pursuant to a final, nonappealable decision of a court.

Binding Effect     This Agreement binds and benefits the Company, each of its
and Assignment     successors or assigns, and your heirs and the personal
                   representatives of your estate. Without the Company's prior
                   written consent, you may not assign or delegate this
                   Agreement or any or all rights, duties, obligations, or
                   interests under it.

Superseding        Contingent upon the Closing and effective only in that event,
Effect             this Agreement supersedes any prior oral or written
                   employment or severance agreements between you and the
                   Company (specifically excluding your options to purchase
                   Company stock). Except as set forth above, this Agreement
                   supersedes all prior or contemporaneous negotiations,
                   commitments, agreements, and writings with respect to the
                   subject matter of this Agreement. All such other
                   negotiations, commitments, agreements, and writings will have
                   no further force or effect; and the parties to any such other
                   negotiation, commitment, agreement, or writing will have no
                   further rights or obligations thereunder.

Negotiated         You agree that you have consulted with counsel of your own
Agreement          selection and have negotiated the terms of this Agreement
                   with the Company. You and the Company agree that this
                   Agreement should not be construed against either party as the

                         NAVIGANT INTERNATIONAL, INC.

Date:                    By:
    --------------------    -----------------------------------

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky      Page 10 of 10

I agree to and accept these terms, specifically including the assignment of the
No Competition provision.

    --------------------    -----------------------------------
                            Jonathan J. Ledecky

Employment Agreement between Navigant and Jonathan J. Ledecky      Page 11 of 10

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