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Employment Agreement - RIROS Corp. and Carlos Colomer Casellas

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New York, NY 10022
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Wade H. Nichols III
Senior Vice President and
General Counsel

                                                              February 3, 1998

Mr. Carlos Colomer Casellas
Paseo de los Tilos, 26 bis
08034 Barcelona

Dear Carlos:

         Reference is made to the Employment Agreement dated as of January 1,
1996 between you and RIROS Corporation as supplemented by letter dated February
23, 1996 (collectively, the 'Agreement'), and terms defined therein are used
herein with the meanings therein ascribed to them. In consideration of the
mutual covenants set forth herein and other good and valuable consideration,
receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, you and the Company agree as follows:

         1. Section 1.1 of the Agreement is hereby amended, effective 
January 1, 1998, to read in its entirety as follows:

                  '1.1 Employment, Duties. The Company hereby employs the
         Executive for the Term (as defined in Section 2.1), to render
         exclusive and full-time services to the Company as head of its
         worldwide professional beauty products strategic committee (which the
         Executive acknowledges will require frequent involvement in senior
         management activities at the Company's world headquarters in New York
         City) and chief executive officer of the Company's professional beauty
         products business outside of the United States or in such other
         executive positions of at least an equivalent level consistent with
         the Executive's business experience and background as may be assigned
         to the Executive by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company
         (provided that the Executive shall be permitted to deal with the
         administration and management of the Executive's and his family's
         personal property), and to perform such other duties consistent with
         such position (including service as a director or officer of any
         affiliate of the Company, if elected) as may be assigned to the
         Executive by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. The
         Executive's title shall be Chairman, Revlon Professional Worldwide
         Strategic Committee and Chairman, Revlon Professional International or
         such other titles of at least equivalent level consistent with the
         Executive's duties from time to time as may be assigned to the
         Executive by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.'

Mr. Carlos Colomer Casellas
January 27, 1998
Page 2

         2. Except as amended hereby the Agreement shall not be deemed to have
been amended, modified or affected hereby in any respect, and the Agreement as
so amended hereby shall remain in full force and effect in accordance with all
of its terms.

         If this letter correctly reflects your agreement with the Company,
please so indicate by signing and returning a copy hereof.

                                          Very truly yours,

                                          RIROS CORPORATION

                                          By: /s/ Wade H. Nichols III
                                                  Vice President


/s/ Carlos Colomer Casellas
    Carlos Colomer Casellas

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