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Employment Agreement - Storage Technology Corp. and Ryal R. Poppa

[Storage Technology Corporation Letterhead Appears Here]

July 27, 1995

Ryal R. Poppa
7075 Rustic Trail
Boulder, Colorado 80301

Dear Ryal:

     This letter (the 'Amendment') amends the terms and conditions of your
continued employment with Storage Technology Corporation (the 'Company') from
and after July 27, 1995.  Except to the extent specifically amended hereby, all
other prior agreements between you and the Company, including, but not limited
to, our letter agreements of December 13, 1989 (the '1989 Agreement'), October
1, 1991, and March 8, 1995 remain in full force and effect.  In consideration 
of your continued employment by the Company and the mutual covenants and 
agreements contained herein, you and the Company agree that your Employment 
Term, as that term is defined and used in the 1989 Agreement be, and hereby is, 
extended through January 20, 1997.

     If this letter accurately sets forth the terms of our agreement relating 
to the matters covered herein, please sign the enclosed copy of this letter in 
the space provided below and return it to the Company.

                            Very truly yours,
                            Storage Technology Corporation
                               /s/ STEPHEN J. KEANE
                                       Stephen J. Keane
                            Director and Chairman, Human Resources
                                  and Compensation Committee

Accepted and Agreed:

- --------------------
Ryal R. Poppa

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