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Employment Contract - ITC Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.


                                 [LOGO OF ITC]


                              EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT

Party A : ITC Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Party B : ____________________________________________


          I, Victor Koo, Senior Vice President, Corporate Business Development 
of Inc., a corporation organized under the laws of the State of 
Delaware, hereby certify that the attached English translation of the employment
contract is, in my opinion, a fair and accurate translation of the original 
employment contract written in the Chinese language.

                                        /s/ Victor Koo                
                                        Victor Koo                    
                                        Senior Vice President         
                                        Corporate Business Development 

                                                                          Page 1

THIS EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT (hereinafter as the 'Contract') is made in Beijing,
People's Republic of China ('China') on this [  ] day of [  ] 1999.
by and between
Party A:  ITC Electronic Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
          Legal Status          :  Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise
          Legal Representative  :  Charles Zhang
          Address               :  Suite 519, Tower 2, Bright China Chang An
                                   Building, No. 7 Jianguomen Nei Avenue,
                                   Beijing, China 

Party B:

          Name                  :

          Education             :

          Gender                :

          Date of Birth         :

          Resident ID No        :

          Home Address          :

          Neighbourhood Office  :

(individually a 'Party' and collectively the 'Parties').

In accordance with the Labour Law of the People's Republic of China, the
Regulations on the Labour Administration of Foreign Investment Enterprises, [  ]
and other relevant Chinese laws and regulations and, based on the principles of
equality, free will and mutual consent, the Parties hereby agree to enter into
this Contract and to adhere to the articles listed hereof.


                                                                          Page 2

                              PROBATIONARY PERIOD

1.1  Term

     This Contract is a fixed-term employment contract.  The duration of this
Contract shall be for a fixed term of [   ] year(s), commencing [   ] and
ending [   ], unless terminated earlier or renewed pursuant to Chapter 10.

1.2  Effective Date

     The effective date of this Contract shall be the date of signing hereof.

1.3  Probationary Period

     Party B shall, commencing from the effective date of this Contract, serve
     a probationary period of [  ] months.


2.1  Responsibilities

     (a)  Party A shall assign Party B to the position of [  ].

     (b)  Depending on its operational needs, Party A may assign Party B to
          undertake other responsibilities.

2.2  Performance

     Party B shall, according to Party A's legally permissible request, fulfil
     the set amount of work on a timely basis and meet the quality standard
     formulated by Party A.


3.1  Party A's Obligations

     Party A shall assume the following obligations:

     (a)  to provide Party B with a safe and hygienic working environment in
          accordance with the standards stipulated by the State;

     (b)  to provide Party B with training in business practice and occupational
          health and safety; and

     (c)  be responsible for formulating the system operation procedures,
          occupational safety and hygienic system and its standards.


                                                                          Page 3
3.2  Party B's Rights

     Party B shall be entitled to enjoy the following rights:

     (a)  to work in an environment meeting State standards for occupational
          health and safety;

     (b)  to refuse to engage in any work which in violation of Chinese law
          poses a danger to the health and safety of Party B; and

     (c)  to reject any of Party A's instructions which are in violation of its
          rules and regulations.

                          CHAPTER 4: EMPLOYMENT RULES

4.1  Working Rules

     During the term of this Contract, Party B must comply with the policies and
     systems as well as any other production and working rules implemented by
     Party A (please see for details the Policies and Procedures Guidelines
     'Sohu and You' attached hereto as Appendix I), the principal rules of which

     (a)  arriving and departing from work on time according to Party A's
          working hours;

     (b)  maintaining strict compliance with operational procedures and ensuring
          safety production;

     (c)  maintaining the confidentiality of Party A's trade secrets;

     (d)  protecting and properly using equipment, not wasting office resources
          and utilities, and not intentionally damaging or misappropriate Party
          A's property;

     (e)  following management instructions and not engage in games, create
          noises or cause interruptions to production and working order during
          working hours; and
     (f)  not unilaterally handling matters which are outside the scope of
          his/her authority and immediately requesting instructions regarding
          the same form his/her immediate supervisor.

4.2  Punishment

     If Party B violates any of Party A's employment rules, Party A may,
     pursuant to the Policies and Procedures Guidelines ('Sohu and You'), impose
     an administrative penalty and/or a fine as well as terminate this Contract.


                                                                          Page 4
                     CHAPTER 5: WORKING HOURS, AND WORKING
                           OVERTIME SHIFTS AND HOURS

5.1  Working Hours

     (a)  Party A adopts a system of standard working hours and will arrange for
          Party B to work eight (8) hours per day (excluding the time for Party
          B to come to work and return home, the time for meal and rest) and not
          exceed forty (40) hours per week.

     (b)  Party B shall work five (5) days per week (40 hours) with two (2) rest

     (c)  Party A may adopt other work and rest methods which are not subject to
          the stipulations set out in Article 5.1(b) in accordance with the
          production requirements and upon the approval of the labour
          administrative department.

5.2  Working Overtime Shifts and Hours

     Party A does not in principle encourage Party B to work overtime. However,
     in special cases where working overtime shifts and hours is necessary,
     Party A may only do so after consultation with Party B, in which event
     Party A will make separate arrangements regarding the rest days or effect
     wages for overtime shifts and hours in accordance with relevant State

                               CHAPTER 6: WAGES

6.1  General Principle

     Party B's wages shall be set in accordance with the principle of 'to each
     according to his work' and shall be based on equal pay for equal work.

6.2  Wages

     Party A shall pay Party B a monthly wage of RMB [  ] during Party B's
     probationary period. After Party B's successful completion of the
     probationary period, Party A shall pay Party B a monthly wage of RMB [  ].

6.3  Holiday Pay

     During rest days, official holidays, marriage / bereavement leave and leave
     for participating in civic activities in accordance with the law, Party A
     shall pay wages to Party B pursuant to the standards stipulated by law and
     the Policies and Procedures Guidelines.

6.4  Method and Time of Payment

     (a)  Party A shall pay Party B's total wages with lawful currency on the
          last day of each month and shall provide Party B with a wage slip.  If


                                                                          Page 5
          said day falls on a rest day or an official holiday, Party A shall pay
          Party B's total wages on the preceding working day.

     (b)  Party B shall open an account with the [Beijing] branch of a
          commercial bank specified by Party A.  Party A shall deposit into such
          bank account Party B's wage in lawful currency.  Party A shall
          withhold individual income tax payment as well as contributions to
          relevant social insurance funds on behalf of Party B.


Pursuant to the service contract signed by and between Party A and the human
resources service entity, Party A shall appoint the said entity to administer
Party B's social security benefits.  The said entity's responsibilities shall
include the payment of contributions on behalf of Party A to each of the pension
fund, unemployment fund, serious accidental injury fund, housing fund and
medical insurance fund.  The details concerning the specific social security and
other benefits administered by the said entity are attached as Appendix II.
                         CHAPTER 8: HOLIDAYS AND LEAVE
8.1  Legal Holidays

     (a)  Party B shall be entitled to the specific number of holidays (ten (10)
          days) permitted under Chinese law, including the following:
          Legal Holidays                                    No. of Day(s)
          --------------                                    -------------

          New Year's Day (January 1st)                           1
          Spring Festival (Lunar calendar
          January 1st, 2nd and 3rd)                              3
          International Labour Day (May 1st, 2nd and 3rd)        3
          National Day (October 1st, 2nd and 3rd)                3

     (b)  For all holidays celebrated nationally that fall on either a Saturday
          or a Sunday, such holiday shall be recognized on the following work
          day.  However, for holidays falling on a Saturday or Sunday that are
          only celebrated by a portion of the population, such holiday shall not
          be taken on the following work day.

     (c)  Women employees are entitled to a half-day holiday on Women's Day
          (March 8th).

8.2  Annual Leave

     (a)  If Party B has worked for any organization on a continuous basis for
          more than one (1) year, Party B shall be entitled to enjoy paid annual


                                                                          Page 6
          leave, which shall in no event exceed two (2) weeks.

     (b)  If Party B wishes to take paid annual leave, he/she should apply
          fifteen (15) days in advance in writing to Party A.  Party A shall
          determine and make appropriate arrangements for such leave based on
          Party A's production and operation requirements.

8.3  Other Leave

     Party B shall be entitled to other leave for marriage, bereavement, family
     visits, personal illness and medical treatment as outlined in the Policies
     and Procedures Guidelines ('Sohu and You').

                          CHAPTER 9: CONFIDENTIALITY

9.1  Definition

     Trade secrets shall refer to any operational information which is not known
     to the general public and is owned by Party A in any form, for which Party
     A has taken proper steps to restrict dissemination to the public, and which
     brings economic benefits to Party A, including all the information and
     matters in relation to Party A's businesses, such as the information about
     investing and financing, salary, bonus, incentives, know-how, software
     development, marketing strategies, clients lists, commercial partners and
     co-operation details related to them, management methods, financial and
     market information, future commercial blueprint and Party A's intellectual
     property information.

9.2  Confidentiality Obligations

     Party B shall abide by the confidentiality guidelines adopted by Party A
     and shall not disclose to any third party Party A's trade secrets in any
     form, directly or indirectly, during the term of this Contract and for a
     period of three (3) years after the termination of this Contract. Party B
     is prohibited from using without authorisation Party A's trade secrets or
     allowing the use of the same by any third party. If Party B breaches the
     confidentiality obligations herein and causes harm to Party A, Party A may
     terminate this Contract immediately in accordance with Article 12.2(b)
     hereof. In addition, Party B shall be liable to Party A for compensation
     pursuant to Article 12.2(b) hereof.

9.3  Confirmation

     If Party B is uncertain about the nature and degree of confidentiality
     concerning any trade secrets, Party B should ask for confirmation from
     his/her immediate supervisor.

9.4  Return of Party A's Property

     Irrespective of the circumstances of termination of this Contract, Party B


                                                                          Page 7
immediately return all company files, records, equipment and any other
property obtained from Party A during the course of his/her employment
(including, but not limited to Party A's trade secrets).  If Party B fails to
return any of the said files or such property, Party A is entitled to make an
appropriate deduction from any amount payable to Party B and may adopt any other
appropriate method to obtain the return of such property.

10.1 Amendment

     (a)  This Contract may only be amended in the following circumstances:

          (i)    Upon their mutual agreement, the Parties may amend certain
                 provisions hereof as required; or

          (ii)   If there is any change to the law, regulations or rules
                 pursuant to which this Contract and its appendices were entered

     (b)  If either Party wishes to amend this Contract, thirty (30) days' prior
          written notice must be given to the other Party.

     (c)  This Contract may only be amended by the mutual written agreement of
          the Parties.

10.2 Renewal

     Upon expiry, this Contract shall be automatically renewed. Either Party may
     request, in writing, for renewal of this Contract at least thirty (30) days
     prior to its expiration. Upon the mutual consent of the Parties after
     consultation, this Contract can be renewed.

10.3 Termination

     This Contract can be terminated upon mutual agreement of both Parties
     after consultation.

10.4 Immediate Termination

     Party A may immediately terminate this Contract if Party B has engaged in
     any of the following activities:

     (a)  where it has been proved during the probationary period that he/she is
          unable to meet the requirements of his/her position;

     (b)  by committing a serious violation of labor rules or Party A's policies
          and systems;

     (c)  by committing serious dereliction of his/her duties or practising
          graft or 


                                                                          Page 8
          favoritism which results in serious losses to Party A; or

     (d)  by being found criminally liable under Chinese law.

10.5 Termination with Prior Notice

     Party A may terminate this Contract upon thirty (30) days' prior written
     notice to Party B under any of the following circumstances:

     (a)  where Party B, after undergoing a period of medical treatment and
          recuperation from an illness or a non-work-related injury, remains
          unable to return to the original position, and is also unfit for

     (b)  where Party B is unable to fulfil the duties of his position and,
          despite undergoing training or a transfer of his position, remains
          unable to fulfil his/her duties;

     (c)  where there has been a substantial change in the objective
          circumstances upon which this Contract was based, thereby rendering
          performance of this Contract impossible and, after consultation, the
          Parties have failed to agree on amendments hereto reflecting such

10.6 Restrictions on Party A's Right to Terminate

     Notwithstanding Article 10.5 above, Party A may not terminate this
     Contract under any of the following circumstances:

     (a)  where Party B, after having suffered an occupational disease or a
          work-related injury, has been confirmed to have lost the partial or
          total ability to work;
     (b)  where Party B is suffering from illness or injury during his/her
          stipulated medical treatment period;

     (c)  where Party B is a female employee and is pregnant, is in labour, or
          is within the stipulated nursing period, and has not violated any
          labour rules; or

     (d)  other circumstances specified by Chinese laws and administrative

10.7 Termination by Party B

     (a)  Party B may terminate this Contract upon thirty .30. days' prior
          written notice to Party A.  However, Party B may not terminate this
          Contract even if he/she has provided Party A with thirty (30) days'
          written notice if Party B has caused financial losses to Party A and
          the issue has not been resolved, or if Party B is under investigation
          for misconduct.


                                                                          Page 9

     (b)  Party B may terminate this Contract at any time in writing under any
          of the following circumstances:

          (i)    during the probationary period;

          (ii)   if Party A forces Party B to work by means of force, threat or
                 illegal restriction of personal freedom; or

          (iii)  if Party A fails to pay wages or to provide a safe working
                 environment as stipulated hereunder.

10.8 Termination

     This Contract shall automatically terminate under any of the following

     (a)  upon expiration (unless renewed by the Parties in accordance with
          Article 10.2 above);

     (b)  when Party B reaches legal retirement age under Chinese law;

     (c)  upon the death of Party B;

     (d)  if Party A is dissolved, ceases operations, is declared bankrupt or
          its business licence is revoked; or

     (e)  upon the occurrence of any one of the events of termination as agreed
          by the Parties.

11.1 Principle

     Party A shall, in accordance with the stipulations of Chinese law, effect
     Party B with relevant compensation in the event of violating or terminating
     this Contract.

11.2 Calculation of Compensation

     (a)  For the purposes of calculating the amount of compensation under this
          Chapter, when the term 'wages' is used, it refers to the average
          monthly wage paid to Party B during his/her previous twelve (12)
          months of employment under normal working conditions prior to

     (b)  Party A shall pay Party B compensation based on Party B's period of
          employment with Party A, in the amount of one (1) month's wage for
          each year of employment and the maximum amount payable not to exceed a
          total of twelve (12) months' wages. If Party B has worked for 


                                                                         Page 10

          less than one (1) year, Party A shall pay any such compensation to
          Party B based on the standard for one (1) year.

11.3 Payment Term

     Party A shall pay to Party B any compensation in a lump-sum payment within
     one (1) month of completion of Party B's termination procedures. Any monies
     owing to Party A by Party B may deducted from such payment.

11.4 Exceptions

     (a)  Under any of the following circumstances occurs, Party B shall not be
          entitled to receive any compensation from Party A:

          (i)    upon the expiry of this Contract;

          (ii)   upon the occurrence of one of the agreed conditions for
                 termination of this Contract; or
          (iii)  Party A terminates this Contract in accordance with Article
                 10.4 above.

     (b)  Where Party B terminates this Contract during the probationary period,
          no compensation will be paid to Party B.  However, Party A must pay
          wages to Party B based on his/her actual number of work days.

12.1 General Provisions

     If Party A causes any damage to Party B by breach of this Contract, Party A
     shall pay compensation to Party B according to the Measures of Compensation
     for the Breach of Employment Contracts Under the Labour Law (hereinafter
     referred to as 'Compensation Measures').

12.2 Party B's Breach of Contract

     (a)  If Party B violates Chinese law or the stipulations of this Contract
          and causes Party A to suffer economic losses, Party A has the right to
          impose administrative penalty and (or) a fine on Party B.  In
          addition, Party A is entitled to have Party B assume the compensation
          responsibilities through legal methods.

     (b)  If Party B breaches the confidentiality provisions of Chapter 9 of
          this Contract in relation to trade secrets and thus causes losses to
          Party A, it must pay compensation to Party A according to the
          Compensation Measures and Article 20 of the Anti-unfair Competition

     (c)  If Party B terminates this Contract in violation of Chinese law and/or


                                                                         Page 11

          terms hereof and causes losses to Party A, it shall be liable to
          pay Party A for the following:

          (i)    recruitment expenses paid by Party A for Party B;

          (ii)   direct losses relating to production, operational and/ or work

                         CHAPTER 13 : LABOUR DISPUTES

13.1 Friendly Consultations

     If a dispute arises in the implementation of this Contract, the Parties
     shall attempt in the first instance to resolve such dispute through
     friendly consultations:

13.2 Mediation and Arbitration

     (a)  If the dispute cannot be resolved in the manner outlined in Article
          13.1, either Party may, in accordance with Chinese law, apply to Party
          A's mediation committee for mediation;

     (b)  If mediation fails or if either Party requests for arbitration, the
          dispute may be submitted for arbitration within sixty (60) days of the
          occurrence of the labour dispute to the labour dispute arbitration
          committee with jurisdiction; or either Party may directly apply for
          arbitration to the labour dispute arbitration committee with

13.3 Litigation

     If either Party disagree with the arbitrage decision, such Party may
     initiate a lawsuit in the people's court with jurisdiction.

                          CHAPTER 14 : GOVERNING LAW

The validity, interpretation and implementation of and settlement of disputes
under this Contract shall be governed by the laws of China.


15.1 Entire Agreement

     This Contract and its Appendices constitute the entire agreement between
     the Parties and supersede all prior discussions, negotiations and
     agreements. If there is any inconsistency between the provisions of this
     Contract and any of the Appendices, the provisions of this Contract shall
     prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

15.2 Severibility

                                                                         Page 12

     The invalidity of any article of this Contract shall not affect the
     validity of any other article hereof.

15.3 Waiver

     Waiver on the part of either Party to any right under this Contract shall
     not operate or be interpreted as a waiver of similar rights or other rights
     under this Contract thereafter.

15.4 Days

     Any references to a day herein shall mean a calendar day except the
     working days referred in Article 6.4(a) hereof.

15.5 Authentication

     After signing, any alteration to an article of this Contract shall be
     invalid. The parties shall, within thirty (30) days of the execution of the
     Contract, carry out authentication with local labour administrative

15.6 Language

     This Contract is executed in three (3) originals in the Chinese language,
     each having equal validity. Each Party and the contract authentication
     authority shall hold one (1) original. Party A may not retain possession of
     Party B's original version of this Contract.

15.7 Supplementary Matters

     Any extensions of this Contract, amendment agreements or other matters
     agreed by the Parties must be in writing and signed by the Parties, and
     attached hereto. Each page of any such document must be initialled by the
     Parties or the same shall be without legal effect.

15.8 Matters Not Covered

     Any matters not addressed herein shall be carried out in accordance with
     Chinese law.

Party A

Legal Representative (seal)


Authorized Agent (seal)



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Date of Execution:   date/month/year

Party B (Signature or Seal)


Authentication Authority:        __________________________

Name of Authentication Official: __________________________

Date of Authentication:          ___________________________


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