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Form of Employment Contract - Accenture and Arnaud Andre

The following Exhibit No. 10.7 constitutes a fair and accurate English
translation of the original copy of this document.

                                  /s/ Douglas G. Scrivner
                                  Douglas G. Scrivner
                                  General Counsel and Secretary of Accenture Ltd

                               EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT



A simplified joint stock company with a capital of 113,142,081 F, registered
with the trade and companies register of Paris under no. B 732 075 312,
paying contributions to the URSSAF Montreuil, whose registered office is at 55
avenue George V, 75379 Paris Cedex 08,

hereinafter designated as "Accenture", party of the first part,


Mr. / Ms. [_]

residing at

whose social security number is:

hereinafter designated as the "Partner", party of the second part.



1.1  The Partner is linked with Accenture by an employment contract. In the
     context of the restructuring of the various members of the international
     group Accenture (the "Group"), the Partner and Accenture have decided to
     replace the employment contract governing their relationship with this
     employment contract so as to harmonize the clauses contained in the
     employment contracts of all partners.

1.2  Hence the Partner and Accenture hereby agree that this employment contract
     replaces, in all of its provisions, the previous employment contract or
     contracts as well as any amendments thereto.

1.3  The relationship between the Partner and Accenture is governed as of June
     1, 2001 by this employment contract.

1.4  The Partner's position is governed by the collective bargaining agreement
     as well as by any document applicable to the Partner, including the
     Reglement Interieur (internal regulations), any procedure applied by
     Accenture, the Group policies, particularly the policies specifically
     relating to the Partner's position, and finally by the conditions laid down
     in this employment contract. All of the documents mentioned in this
     paragraph are available to the Partner at Accenture's registered office.


2.1  The Partner shall have, among others, the following duties:

     -    Solicit prospects and supervise tender procedures,

     -    Manage Accenture's relationship with the general management and the
          operating departments of Accenture's clients,

     -    Actively participate in formulating strategic analyses for the

     -    Supervise the performance of consulting assignments and participate in
          elaborating strategic scenarios,

     -    Evaluate the resources and time needed for work to be performed, and
          ensure the best possible consistency between the skills of consultants
          assigned to a mission and the tasks to be carried out, ensure the
          quality of the work performed for the clients, their consistency with
          the clients' needs and the contracts, and the clients' satisfaction,

     -    Supervise the consultants, particularly in connection with projects,
          and see to their career development and to their working conditions
          and motivation,


       -    Actively participate in the internal management and in Accenture's
            growth in France, particularly in connection with any recruitment
            effort, human resources, strict financial management of its
            activities and any project requested by the management,

       -    Develop, by participating in international working groups within
            Accenture, a strong expertise in connection with corporate
            strategies and the offerings and solutions proposed by Accenture,

       -    Diligently carry out the mandates or representative functions with
            which the Partner may be entrusted within or outside the Group.

2.2    These functions, by their very nature, are subject to change as a result
       of, on the one hand, the imperatives involved in Accenture's adaptation
       to its market, and, on the other hand, the Partner's abilities and
       strengthening of his skills.

2.3    The Partner acknowledges that he will be led to deal with documents and
       work in English because of the international nature of the Group and its


3.1    Salary

3.1.1  As compensation, the Partner shall receive the gross annual reference
       salary set forth in Exhibit A. The salary is paid in twelve monthly
       installments, by transfer directly to the Partner's bank account.

3.1.2  It is explicitly agreed between the Partner and Accenture that the
       legislation concerning working time, particularly with respect to
       overtime, is not applicable to the Partner in his capacity as Cadre
       Dirigeant ("senior manager"). Accordingly, the Partner shall not be
       entitled in any way to receive payment of overtime, as the case may be.

3.1.3  The Partner and Accenture hereby agree that 10% of the salary mentioned
       above is paid by anticipation to compensate for the non-compete covenant
       set forth in Article 15 hereof. The payment of this compensation by
       anticipation shall cease as soon as the payment of the salary ceases. The
       compensation paid by anticipation to the Partner during the term of this
       employment contract shall be deemed the fair consideration of the
       performance of the non-compete covenant set forth in Article 15 hereof.

3.2    Monthly allowance

3.2.1  The Partner may receive a monthly allowance whose determination and gross
       amount shall be decided on a discretionary basis in light of the Group's
       annual budget as determined at the beginning of each fiscal year. Any
       monthly allowance shall be paid, if the case arises, at the same time as
       the salary, directly into the Partner's bank account.


3.2.2   Notwithstanding the monthly nature of said allowance, Accenture reserves
        the right to abandon the principle and implementation of this allowance
        for any subsequent fiscal year.

3.3     Quarterly bonus

3.3.1   The Partner may receive a quarterly bonus payment whose determination
        and gross amount shall be (i) decided on a discretionary basis in light
        of the pay policy followed by the Group and (ii) in any event, subject
        to attainment by the Group of the quarterly targets laid down in the
        Group's annual budget determined at the beginning of each fiscal year.

3.3.2   Any quarterly bonus shall be paid, if the case arises, two months after
        the end of the relevant quarter, directly into the Partner's bank

3.4     Annual bonus

3.4.1   The Partner may receive an annual bonus payment whose determination and
        gross amount shall be decided on a discretionary basis in light of the
        pay policy followed by the Group.

3.4.2   In this respect, a decision will be made at the end of each fiscal year
        as to whether an annual bonus shall be paid, and if a bonus is paid, the
        amount of the said bonus.

3.4.3   Any annual bonus shall be paid, if the case arises, within three months
        following the end of the relevant fiscal year, directly into the
        Partner's bank account.

3.5     General provisions concerning the quarterly and annual bonuses

3.5.1   Payment of the bonuses that may apply to fiscal years ended before
        receipt by Accenture of the Partner's letter of resignation or by the
        Partner of a letter of dismissal shall be made under the conditions laid
        down in the above sections, even if the Partner is serving his notice
        period or has already left Accenture at the time of payment.

3.5.2   No quarterly bonus is due to the Partner for a quarterly period during
        which the Partner has served notice of his resignation or has been
        notified of his dismissal.

3.5.3   The annual budget that may be applicable to the fiscal year of the
        Partner's departure is due, prorata temporis, from the beginning of the
        fiscal year until the month preceding service of notice of the Partner's
        dismissal or resignation. If the case arises, the annual bonus,
        determined on a prorata basis, shall be paid at the end of the fiscal

3.5.4   Bonuses that may be due to the Partner shall be paid to him even if
        actual payment does not occur until after the Partner actually leaves

3.5.5   Payment of the bonuses with respect to several periods, whether
        successive or not, shall not create any right to future bonuses.


3.6  Incentive plan

The Partner may receive shares or stock options from the Group. Allocation of
shares or stock options is decided on a discretionary basis. The shares or stock
options that may be allocated to the Partner are subject to the provisions of
the applicable "Stock Incentive Plan", if the case arises.


The Partner shall enjoy Cadre (executive supervisor) status, coefficient 270. He
shall be affiliated with the CRICA and the UPS (supplementary retirement funds)
and with Accenture's welfare benefits regime.


5.1  This employment contract shall become effective on June 1, 2001 and is
     entered into for an indefinite term.

5.2  Each party shall have the option to put an end to this employment contract
     subject to the observance of the legal and conventional rules then in

5.3  Accenture reserves the right to waive the notice period.


The Partner is hereby dispensed from the trial period in view of his experience
with Accenture. The Partner hereby keeps all of his seniority.


7.1  The Partner's assigned administrative place of work is Accenture's
     principal place of business.

7.2  Because of his duties, the Partner is mobile by nature and will be led to
     travel in France and abroad to all of Accenture's and the Group's offices
     and to the premises of Accenture's and the Group's clients. The Partner
     hereby explicitly acknowledges and accepts that Accenture may change the
     Partner's principal place of activity, which change shall not result in a
     substantial modification of this employment contract nor create a right to
     any indemnification whatsoever, with the exception of possible moving
     indemnities. In addition, a transfer of the registered office of Accenture
     or of the Partner's assigned administrative place of work shall not
     constitute a substantial modification of this employment contract.

7.3  The Partner shall have a valid passport usable for trips abroad.


7.4  The Partner's travel expenses will be paid in accordance with the Group's

7.5  In connection with all secondments abroad, and depending on the applicable
     policies of the Group, the "tax equalization" system guarantees that the
     Partner will enjoy tax and social neutrality in that the Partner will not
     have to pay any additional tax and will not benefit from any more favorable
     tax or social regime. The Partner will continue to bear a hypothetical tax
     corresponding to the social and tax charges he would have paid if he had
     remained in France. The foreign taxes will be paid by Accenture. These
     procedures are laid down in the Inter/Intra-Area Assignment Policy,
     available from the personnel department.

7.6  The Partner authorizes Accenture to withhold from his salary the amount of
     the hypothetical tax that will have been calculated by virtue of the
     Inter/Intra-Area Assignment Policy.

7.7  In case the Partner leaves Accenture, he also hereby authorizes Accenture
     to deduct the amounts still due in connection with the said tax from his
     termination balance, and the Partner shall round out the amount, if the
     case arises, by writing a check for the difference.


In case of termination of this employment contract for any reason whatsoever,
the Partner:

-  shall be regarded as having resigned from all mandates held on any committee
   or board whatsoever within Accenture or the Group, and from all internal or
   external representation functions with Accenture or the Group, in each case
   entrusted to him as a result of his status as Partner. As the case may be,
   the Partner shall sign any letter confirming his resignation from said
   mandates or representation duties that may be required, at the request of
   Accenture's President,

-  shall immediately repay all amounts due to Accenture. Accenture is hereby
   authorized to deduct the totality of the amounts due from the Partner's
   termination balance, within the limits allowed under rules and regulations,

-  shall return to Accenture all documents and equipment entrusted to him for
   the performance of his duties mentioned in Articles 11 and 12 of this
   employment contract.


9.1  This Article 9 applies to all work, intellectual creations and inventions,
     whatever the nature, including know-how, methods and methodologies,
     technologies, developments, equipment and models, software and the
     documentation related thereto as well as any realization which can be
     protected under intellectual property rights or by any other means
     (hereinafter collectively designated as the "Creations") designed or
     developed by the Partner, alone or jointly, in any place, in connection
     with the


     performance of this employment contract and in the exercise of his duties
     within Accenture.

9.2  The Partner acknowledges that the Creations created by him or in
     collaboration, in connection with the performance of this employment
     contract and any previous employment contract with Accenture,

     -    are produced at the initiative and under the supervision of Accenture
          (and/or the Group), and

     -    belong, as of right, without any exception or reserve, to Accenture
          which may take any measure in order to protect them; accordingly,
          Accenture is entitled to patent, edit, publish and disclose them,
          directly or indirectly, under its name or the name of a Group entity,
          or to transfer them, particularly within the Group.

     In that respect, the Partner undertakes to cooperate, in order to allow the
     Creations to be protected in Accenture's interest, by ensuring the
     confidentiality of the Creations, except with respect to Accenture's
     management, and by signing all the documents necessary requested by
     Accenture during and after the performance of this employment contract.

9.3  Insofar as needed, and particularly in order to comply with the provisions
     of the Code de la Propriete Intellectuelle (French code of intellectual
     property), the collective bargaining agreement and the Group's policies,
     the Partner hereby declares that he shall transfer to Accenture, without
     any exception or reserves and with all of the legal or factual warranties
     associated therewith, the entirety of the rights he holds or will hold on
     the Creations of any kind - particularly drawings, studies, methods, texts,
     recordings, software, specifications, analysis files, databases, computer
     Creations, images, sounds, graphic devices, designs, logos, prototypes,
     layouts, designs, screens, files, architecture, navigation, graphic charts,
     catalogue - and inventions that he has produced or will produce during the
     term of this employment agreement.

9.4  Pursuant to the provisions of Article L.131-3 of the Code de la Propriete
     Intellectuelle, it is expressly specified that the rights transferred
     include the rights relating to representation, reproduction, adaptation,
     integration, digitization and distribution for all of the Creations, in
     part or as a whole, as well as the derivative exploitation rights of each
     element under the terms set forth below, including:

     .    The right to reproduce or to have others reproduce, in unlimited
          numbers, each Creation taken separately, in whole or in part or
          assembled with one or several other elements, in any form, by any
          means and processes on any material, both current and future, known or
          unknown, and particularly digital, magnetic, optodigital and telematic
          materials, by downloading, on paper or derivatives, microfilms,
          videograms, disks and floppy disks, DVD, CD, CDI, CD-ROM, Internet,
          Intranet, Extranet, tapes, listings...

     .    The right to represent or distribute all or part of the Creations by
          any communication means, whether known or unknown at present, and
          particularly any telecommunications network, and in particular
          interactive telematic systems, downloading, teletransmission,
          transmission by Hertzian waves, satellites, cable, on-line networks
          such as the Minitel, audiotext, Internet, Intranet, Extranet...


     .    The right to adapt, modify, translate, transform, mix, assemble,
          mount, arrange or transcribe all or part of the Creations or to
          integrate them into other works, the right of adaptation, correction,
          change, follow-up, production of new versions, use, maintenance of the
          Creations and the software, translation into languages or any
          programming languages, use of the algorithms for any purposes, as well
          as the right to reproduce, represent and market such work as
          modified, adapted, new or derivative, under the terms provided for in
          this Article 9.

     .    The right to distribute, rent, lend, market and distribute the
          Creations, by any means, to any person, with or without consideration.

     .    The right to grant to any third party any right of reproduction,
          editing, distribution or marketing, and any license, in any form
          whatsoever, on any material or any means whatsoever.

     .    The right to transfer, with or without consideration, all or part of
          the rights set forth in this employment contract, including to any
          entity of the Group.

     .    The right to use, as it wishes, the Creations, whether for its
          personal use or on behalf of third parties.

     .    Generally, all of the property rights resulting from authorship.

9.5  It is explicitly agreed that all software products and all conception and
     use equipment created by the Partner, whether during the term of this
     employment contract within or outside of Accenture, or on the basis of
     instructions given by Accenture, or in the scope of Accenture's business,
     or on the basis of knowledge or use of techniques and/or means specific to
     Accenture, or the data provided by it, belong to Accenture in source codes
     and object codes, whatever the legal regime of the protection attached to
     the software Creation, such as copyrights or patentable inventions.

9.6  The Partner represents that he is not bound by any agreement limiting or
     prohibiting the transfer referred to in this employment contract.

9.7  The present transfer of intellectual property rights is made for the entire
     world and for the entire duration of the copyrights attached to the

9.8  The transfer of the intellectual property rights to Accenture is carried
     out, from time to time, as the Creations and other elements are produced,
     which Accenture shall therefore be entitled to own as is if, for
     any reason whatsoever, this employment contract were to be terminated.

9.9  As a result of the present transfer, the Partner formally agrees not to
     reproduce or reuse, in any form whatsoever, all or part of the transferred
     rights, notwithstanding his right to reuse the experience and know-how
     acquired in connection with this employment contract.

9.10 The Partner hereby undertakes not to make any claim relating to his moral
     rights, if any, on the Creations against Accenture, any Group entity, the
     clients of Accenture or the Group, or the holders of a use license.


9.11 The financial consideration for the transfers referred to in this Article 9
     is included in the gross compensation of the Partner, provided for in this
     employment agreement. Such consideration may result in some fair
     compensation to be agreed upon by the parties solely for the patentable
     inventions created outside of a project, on which inventions Accenture
     would obtain a patent.

9.12 In case of dispute, the Partner must prove that his Creations do not belong
     fully to Accenture.


10.1 The Partner undertakes to comply with all the provisions of the various
     contracts (exploitation, license, protection) that Accenture may have
     signed with respect to the use of software (programmed products, operating
     systems...) or to which Accenture is bound in connection with projects.

10.2 The Partner is bound by the utmost care regarding computer risks such
     as fraud, virus, hacking... as much relating to Accenture's systems and
     servers as those of the clients.


11.1 Accenture is bound, as is each of its employees, by observance of
     professional secrecy. Hence during the term of this employment contract and
     after its termination, the Partner must not disclose anything to any party
     whatsoever (except persons on a need to know basis because of their
     responsibilities and duties) about the projects, studies, realizations,
     consultations and software carried out within Accenture (or within an
     entity belonging to the Group) either on behalf of clients or on behalf of
     Accenture, being bound in this respect by the utmost professional secrecy.
     The same applies to the information, results, etc... resulting from work
     carried out at Accenture (or within an entity belonging to the Group) or
     noticed at a client's premises.

11.2 Moreover, all necessary measures must be taken to ensure that no
     unauthorized third party can access any document containing confidential
     information such as, but not limited to, the ones mentioned above,
     information concerning Accenture's and the Group's personnel, and the list
     of Accenture's and the Group's clients.


12.1 In case the Partner ceases his activity with Accenture, except in case of
     transfer to an entity belonging to the Group, or on any other occasion if
     Accenture so requests, he shall deliver to Accenture's President all
     equipment, files, projects, studies, methodologies, realizations,
     consultations, software and other documents established within Accenture
     (or within an entity member of the Group) in his possession.

12.2 The Partner shall not keep any copy of the said documents and shall
     maintain, even after his departure, the confidentiality thereof, in the
     absence of written and prior


         approval by Accenture and as long as the information disclosed is
         legally known to the third parties. In this respect, the Partner
         undertakes not to use the contents of the said information for himself
         or on behalf of any third parties, and not to disclose, nor allow the
         disclosure of, any of the information contained therein to any party
         whatsoever. The Partner shall incur personal liability in case of
         breach of this obligation.


13.1     The Partner undertakes to devote to Accenture, as well as to any Group
         entity,  all of his working time to the tasks with which he is
         entrusted pursuant to this employment contract.

13.2     In case the Partner receives a request for professional services,
         directly and personally, from an Accenture client or prospect, the
         Partner undertakes to reject said request for himself or for any third
         party, and to inform Accenture's President thereof.

13.3     The Partner shall not carry on any other professional activity,
         directly or indirectly, remunerated or unremunerated, without the prior
         written approval of Accenture's President.


14.1     The Partner is bound to his employer by a loyalty and fidelity
         obligation, which prevents him, in particular, from engaging in any act
         of competition against his employer.

14.2     In case he receives a job offer from a client, the Partner acknowledges
         that, as a result of this obligation, he is required to immediately
         inform Accenture's President of the said offer.


15.1     The Partner acknowledges that the activity he is going to carry on
         within Accenture implies direct contacts with Accenture's clients,
         which will provide him with broad access to the know-how, techniques,
         commercial practices and more generally numerous types of confidential
         information concerning Accenture.

15.2     He acknowledges that the confidential information constitutes one of
         Accenture's main strengths, so that Accenture has a legitimate interest
         in including a non-competition clause in this employment contract.

15.3     As a result, and in view of the nature of his duties, the Partner
         agrees, in case of termination of this employment contract for any
         reason whatsoever, not to work with, to take an interest in or to
         directly or indirectly solicit, in any way whatsoever, for himself or
         on behalf of a third party Accenture's clients as well as the prospects


 15.3     which the Partner has had a direct relationship during the eighteen
         (18) months preceding the date of actual termination of the Partner's
         employment. This undertaking is valid for a duration of eighteen (18)
         months starting with the date of actual termination of the Partner's

15.4     Furthermore the Partner agrees, for a duration of twelve (12) months
         starting with the date of actual termination of his employment, not to
         hire and/or to hire away, for himself or on behalf of any third party,
         any of Accenture's employees.

15.5     In addition, the Partner undertakes, for a duration of twelve (12)
         months following the actual termination of his employment, not to
         associate himself or intervene, particularly as partner, employee or
         consultant, with or for any Competing Company (as described in Exhibit
         B) and/or their direct subsidiary or successor involved in the same
         business, by performing duties similar to the ones performed within
         Accenture.The Partner also undertakes not to hold more than 1 % of the
         capital of a Competing Company.

15.6     The scope of this undertaking is limited to France.

15.7     In the event that any paragraph or portion of a paragraph of this
         Article 15 is declared null and void by a court of competent
         jurisdiction, such paragraph or portion thereof shall be deemed deleted
         from this Article 15 and shall not alter the enforceability of the
         remaining provisions of this Article 15, which shall continue in full
         force and effect.


16.1     The Partner undertakes, during the term of this employment contract and
         for a period of twelve (12) months following expiration of his notice
         period, whether served or not, not to solicit any client of Accenture
         and of any Group entity, directly or indirectly, to his own benefit or
         to the benefit of a third party.

16.2     The Partner undertakes, during the term of this employment contract and
         for a period of twelve (12) months following expiration of his notice
         period, whether served or not, not to hire an/or hire away, for himself
         or on behalf of any third party, any employee of Accenture or of any
         Group entity an/or of any client of Accenture or of any Group entity.


The Partner agrees not to hold, on a direct management basis, any shares, even a
small number, of a company that is a client of Accenture insofar as the Partner
works on a project enabling him to have access to financial information relating
to the said company, other than information available by usual and legal means.



18.1     For the needs, in particular, of management of the Partner's personal
         file as well as his professional career, rating, professional training,
         the processing of his compensation (salary, paid holidays, leave),
         integration within the Group, and more generally the exercise of his
         professional activity, Accenture needs to have, collect, process,
         disclose and keep (hereinafter the "treatment") data of a personal
         nature, which is hereby acknowledged and accepted by the Partner.

18.2     Hence the Partner explicitly authorizes Accenture to:

         (a) collect, process and keep his personal data by Accenture,

         (b) communicate his personal data held by Accenture to the other
             members of Accenture and to the entities of the Group in the world
             as well as to third parties, if such communication is necessary for
             professional purposes or pursuant to law,

         (c) and, more generally, to carry out the "treatment" of the data with
             due observance of the legal provisions in force (Loi Informatique
             et Libertes (law concerning data processing and freedom) no. 78-17
             of 6 January 1978).

18.3     The Partner benefits from a right of access to and correction of the
         said data. To exercise the said right, the Partner shall contact the
         Human Resources department.

18.4     If the Partner provides or has provided Accenture with personal
         information concerning third parties, such as his spouse and his
         children, the Partner represents that he has duly informed the said
         persons in advance and obtained their approval to collection,
         processing, communication and preservation of their personal
         information by Accenture and the Group entities.

18.5     The Partner undertakes, in particular, to collect, process, communicate
         and maintain any personal data to which he will have had access during
         the term of this employment contract in accordance with the legal
         provisions in force and the procedures applicable within Accenture.

18.6     The Partner also undertakes to use such personal data only in
         connection with his duties and within the limits necessary for their


19.1     The Partner authorizes Accenture to use, reproduce and disclose his
         photograph, freely provided at the time of joining Accenture, to other
         members of Accenture and the Group entities. Such uses, reproduction
         and disclosure may only be strictly made for internal and external
         professional purposes, and more particularly as part of the activities
         organized by Accenture, particularly in connection with meetings or
         presentations of projects in which the Partner is taking part.

19.2     Said uses, reproduction and disclosure may be made on any material,
         particularly paper, "Lotus Notes" data base, diaporamas, screen,
         picture books, "newsletters", and


         if appropriate after scanning or digitization of the said photograph,
         and by any other means.

19.3     The Partner understands that he may, at any time, request cessation of
         such uses, reproduction and disclosure, and may request that the
         photograph delivered by him at the time of joining Accenture be
         returned to him. In any event, such uses, reproduction, and disclosure
         shall cease as of right at the time of his departure from Accenture,
         whatever the reason therefor.

Paris, 23 May 2001

                The Partner                             Benoit Genuini
           Handwritten statement                           President
   "lu et approuve" (read and approved)                    ACCENTURE


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