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Performance Share Agreement - Alliant Techsystems Inc.


                                                     PERFORMANCE SHARE AGREEMENT

                                               NUMBER OF       MEASURING PERIOD  SOCIAL SECURITY
        GRANTED TO           GRANT DATE   PERFORMANCE SHARES                          NUMBER
((First)) ((Last))
((Street1))                  05  10  99     ((M__ofShares))     50% - 2 Years         ((SSN))
((City)),((State)) ((Zip))                                      50% - 3 Years

1.   The Grant. Alliant Techsystems Inc., a Delaware corporation (the 'Company')
     hereby grants to the individual named above (the 'Employee'), as of the
     above Grant Date, the above Number of Performance Shares (the 'Shares'), on
     the terms and conditions set forth in this Performance Share Agreement
     (this 'Agreement') and in the Alliant Techsystems Inc. 1990 Equity
     Incentive Plan (the 'Plan').

2.   Measuring Period. The Shares shall be payable, in the form provided in
     Paragraph 4 below, and to the extent provided in Paragraph 3 below, as soon
     as practical after the end of the above Measuring Period.

3.   Performance Goals. Up to 100% of the Shares shall be payable, depending
     upon if, the Business Unit achieves the Performance Goals set forth in the
     accompanying Performance Accountability Chart.

4.   Form of Payment. Any shares payable pursuant to Paragraph 3 above shall be
     paid in shares of Common Stock of the Company ('Stock'), except to the
     extent that the Personnel and Compensation Committee of the Company's Board
     of Directors, in its discretion, determines that cash be paid in lieu of
     some or all of such shares of Stock.

5.   Forfeiture. As of the Employee's death or Termination of Employment (as
     defined in the Plan), the Employee shall forfeit all Shares for which the
     Measuring Period has not ended prior to or as of such Termination of
     Employment. If the Employee's death or Termination of Employment occurs at
     or after the end of the Measuring Period, the Shares shall be payable to
     the extent herein provided, as if such death or Termination of Employment
     had not occurred.

6.   Rights. Nothing herein shall be deemed to grant the Employee any rights as
     a holder of Stock unless and until certificates for shares of Stock are
     actually issued in the name of the Employee as provided herein.

7.   Income Taxes. The Employee is liable for any federal, state and local
     income taxes applicable upon payment of the Shares. Upon demand by the
     Company, the Employee shall promptly pay to the Company in cash, and/or the
     Company may withhold from the Employee's compensation or from the shares of
     Stock or any cash payable in lieu of some or all of such shares of Stock,
     an amount necessary to pay, any income withholding taxes required by the
     Company to be collected upon such payment.

8.   Acknowledgment. This grant will not be effective until the Employee dates
     and signs the form of Acknowledgment below and returns to the Company a
     signed copy of this Agreement. By signing the Acknowledgment, the Employee
     agrees to the terms and conditions referred to in Paragraph 1 above and
     acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Prospectus related to the Plan.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT:                                ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS INC.


----------------------------------------       Paul David Miller
                 DATE                          Director, Chairman of the Board
                                               and Chief Executive Officer


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