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1098 Alta Road (Mountain View, CA) Standard Sublease - Space Systems/Loral Inc. and VERITAS Software Corp.

                               STANDARD SUBLEASE

1.   PARTIES. This Sublease, dated, for reference purposes only, February 27, 
     1998, is made by and between Space Systems/Loral, Inc., a Delaware 
     corporation, located at 3825 Fabian Way, MS Z-02, Palo Alto, California 
     94303 (herein called 'Sublessor') and Veritas Software Corporation, a 
     Delaware corporation, located at 1600 Plymouth Street, Mountain View, 
     California 94043 (herein called 'Sublessee').

2.   PREMISES. Sublessor hereby subleases to Sublessee and Sublessee hereby 
     subleases from Sublessor for the term, at the rental and upon all of the 
     conditions set forth herein, that certain office space consisting of the 
     entire first floor (except for the front lobby, which is shared) (the 
     'Premises') of a free-standing 2-story building (the 'Building') located 
     at 1098 Alta Road, Mountain View, California. Sublessee shall have the 
     right in common with Sublessor or other occupants of the Building to 
     utilize the front lobby and staircases for ingress and egress to and from 
     their respective premises in the Building. Sublessee's rentable floor 
     space, including its share of the lobby, is 28,297 square feet. Sublessee 
     shall have the right in common with Sublessor or other occupants of the 
     Building to use its pro rata share of the parking spaces servicing the 

3.   TERM.

     3.1 Term. The term of this Sublease shall commence May 1, 1998 and end on 
     September 30, 2001 unless sooner terminated pursuant to any provision 

     3.2 Delay in Commencement. Notwithstanding said commencement date, if for 
     any reason Sublessor cannot deliver possession of the Premises to 
     Sublessee on said date, Sublessor shall not be subject to any liability 
     therefore, nor shall such failure affect the validity of this Sublease or 
     the obligations of Sublessee hereunder or extend the term hereof, but in 
     such case Sublessee shall not be obligated to pay rent until possession of 
     the Premises is tendered to Sublessee, provided, however, that if 
     Sublessor shall not have delivered possession of the Premises within 
     thirty (30) days from said commencement date, Sublessee may, at 
     Sublessee's option, by notice in writing to Sublessor within fifteen (15) 
     days thereafter, cancel this Sublease, in which event the parties shall be 
     relieved of all liability hereunder, except that Sublessor shall return 
     all funds theretofore deposited by Sublessee, to Sublessee.

4.   BASE RENT. Sublessee shall pay to Sublessor as base rent for the Premises 
     equal monthly payments, in advance, on the 1st day of each month equal to 
     $84,891.00 per month for the first year of the term; $86,305.85 per month 
     for the second year of the term; $87,720.70 per month for the third year 
     of the term; and $89,135.55 per month for the remainder of the term. 
     Sublessee shall pay Sublessor upon the execution hereof $28,297.00 as rent 
     for the first month of the Sublease term, which represents $84,891.00 less 
     a credit of $56,594.00 as an allowance towards its consultant's fee. Rent 
     for any period during the term hereof which is less than one (1) month 
     shall be a pro-rata portion of the monthly installment. Rent shall be 
     payable, without demand, reduction or offset, except as set forth in the 
     Master Lease (as hereinafter defined), in lawful money of the United 
     States to Sublessor, at the address stated herein or to such other persons 
     or at such other places as Sublessor may designate in writing.

     In addition to the Base Rent, Sublessee shall pay Additional Rent in 
     accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2.2 of the Addendum to this 

5.   SECURITY DEPOSIT. Sublessee shall deposit with Sublessor upon execution 
     thereof $84,891.00 as security for the Sublessee's faithful performance of 
     Sublessee's obligations hereunder. If Sublessee fails to pay rent or other 
     charges due hereunder, or otherwise defaults with respect to any provision 
     of this Sublease, Sublessor may use, apply or retain all or any portion of 
     said deposit for the payment of any rent or other charge in reason of 
     Sublessee's default, or to compensate Sublessor for any loss or damage 
     which Sublessor may suffer thereby. If Sublessor so uses or applies all or 
     any portion of said deposit Sublessee shall, within ten (10) business days 
     after written demand therefore, deposit


     cash with Sublessor in an amount sufficient to restore said deposit to the 
     full amount hereinabove stated and Sublessee's failure to do so shall be a 
     material breach of this Sublease. Sublessor shall not be required to keep 
     said deposit separate from its general accounts. Upon expiration or sooner 
     termination of this Sublease, said deposit or so much thereof as has not 
     therefore been applied by Sublessor, shall be returned, without payment of 
     interest or other increment for its use to Sublessee (or at Sublessee's 
     option to the last assignees, if any, of Sublessee's interest hereunder) 
     at the expiration of the term thereof, and after Sublessee has vacated the 
     Premises. No trust relationship is created herein between Sublessor and 
     Sublessee with respect to said Security Deposit.

6.   USE.

     6.1 Use. The Premises shall be used and occupied only for purposes 
     permitted under the Master Lease and for no other purposes.

     6.2 Compliance with Law.

     A)   Sublessee acknowledges and agrees that it is accepting the Premises 
     in its AS-IS condition without representation or warranty as to the 
     condition thereof or compliance with applicable laws and codes (including 
     the Americans with Disabilities Act). Sublessee acknowledges that it has 
     been given adequate opportunity to inspect, and has inspected, the Premises
     to determine its condition and its compliance with applicable laws and 

     B)   Sublessee shall, at Sublessee's expense, comply promptly with all
     applicable statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, orders, restriction of
     record, and requirements in effect during the term or any part of the term
     thereof regulating the use by Sublessee of the Premises. Sublessee shall
     not use or permit the use of the Premises in any manner that will tend to
     create waste or nuisance or, if there shall be more than one tenant of the
     building containing the Premises, which shall tend to disturb such other

     6.3 Condition of Premises. Sublessee hereby accepts the Premises in their 
     condition existing as of the date of the execution hereof, subject to all 
     applicable zoning, municipal, county and state laws, ordinances, and 
     regulations governing and regulating the use of the Premises, and accepts 
     this Sublease subject thereto and to all matters disclosed thereby and by 
     any exhibits attached hereto. Sublessee acknowledges that neither 
     Sublessor nor Sublessor's agents have made any representations or warranty 
     as to the suitability of the Premises for the Sublessee's business.

     7.1 Sublessor is the lessee of the Premises by virtue of that certain 
     Lease Agreement made the 31st day of July, 1996, between John Arrillaga, 
     Trustee, or his successor trustee, UTA dated 7/20/77 (Arrillaga Family 
     Trust) as amended, and Richard T. Peery, Trustee, or his successor 
     Trustee, UTA dated 7/20/77 (Richard T. Peery Separate Property Trust), as 
     amended, as Landlord (herein collectively referred to as the 'Master 
     Lessor') and Sublessor, as Tenant, a copy of which is attached hereto 
     marked Exhibit 1 (herein referred to as the 'Master Lease').

     7.2 This Sublease is and shall be at all times subject and subordinate to 
     the Master Lease.

     7.3 All of the terms and conditions of the Master Lease are incorporated 
     herein as terms and conditions of this Sublease, with reference therein to 
     'Lessor' and 'Lessee' to be deemed to mean and refer to, respectively, 
     Sublessor and Sublessee herein, and with reference therein to the term 
     'Premises' to be deemed to mean and refer to the Premises as defined in 
     Section 2 hereof; provided, however, that the following provisions of the 
     Master Lease shall be excluded from this Sublease, or, as described below 
     modified: Paragraph 2, 3, 4A, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 5, 7 (to the extent 
     inconsistent with the express provisions hereof), 10 (this provision shall 
     be modified for purposes of this Sublease to provide that Sublessee shall 
     be required to maintain such liability insurance in an amount not less 
     than $2 million per occurrence, and such insurance shall name both the 
     Master Lessor and the Sublessor as additional insured), 39, 46, 47, 49, 50 
     (to the extent of 46.2%


     of the additional rent payable thereunder) and 51. Paragraph 44 is 
     excluded to the extent of the requirement that the Master Lessor agrees 
     that the language at the end thereof in quotes is not to be contained in 
     this Sublease; otherwise such language is hereby incorporated by 
     reference, but Sublessor agrees not to exercise the right referred to 
     therein to voluntarily elect to terminate the Master Lease except if such 
     right is exercised pursuant to Paragraph 21 or 22 of the Master Lease or 
     this Sublease, whereupon the term of this Sublease shall also terminate on 
     such sooner date.

     7.4  Sublessee shall hold Sublessor free and harmless of and from all 
     liability, judgments, costs, damages, claims or demands, including 
     reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of Sublessee's failure to comply 
     with or perform Sublessee's obligations under this Sublease.

     7.5  Sublessor agrees to maintain the Master Lease during the entire term 
     of this Sublease, subject, however, to any earlier termination of the 
     Master Lease without the fault of the Sublessor pursuant to Paragraphs 21 
     or 22 of the Master Lease or arising out of the failure of Sublessee to 
     perform any of its obligations under this Sublease.

     7.6  Sublessor represents to Sublessee that the Master Lease is in full 
     force and effect and that, to its knowledge, no default exists on the part 
     of any party to the Master Lease.

     7.7  To the extent that the Master Lease provides that the Master Lessor 
     shall provide services, utilities, insurance, maintenance or repairs, 
     Sublessee shall seek recourse first from Master Lessor. If Master Lessor 
     shall not promptly take action requested by Sublessee, Sublessee may then 
     notify Sublessor of such failure and Sublessor shall promptly attempt to 
     enforce Sublessor's rights under the Master Lease for the benefit of 
     Sublessee, provided, however, it shall not be required to incur any 
     out-of-pocket expenses therefore, unless reimbursed by Sublessee.


     8.1  Sublessor hereby assigns and transfers to Master Lessor the 
     Sublessor's interest in this Sublease and all rentals and income arising 
     therefrom, subject, however, to terms of Paragraph 8.2 hereof.

     8.2  Master Lessor, by executing this document, agrees that until a default
     shall occur in the performance of Sublessor's Obligations under the Master
     Lease, that Sublessor may receive, collect and enjoy the rents accruing
     under this Sublease. However, if Sublessor shall default in the performance
     of its obligations to Master Lessor, then Master Lessor may, at its option,
     receive and collect, directly from Sublessee, all rent owing and to be owed
     under this Sublease. Master Lessor shall not, by reason of this assignment
     of the Sublease nor by reason of the collection of the rents from the
     Sublessee, be deemed liable to Sublessee for any failure of the Sublessor
     to perform its obligations hereunder.

     8.3  Sublessor hereby irrevocably authorizes and directs Sublessee, upon 
     receipt of any written notice from the Master Lessor stating that a 
     default exists in the performance of Sublessor's obligations under the 
     Master Lease, to pay to Master Lessor the rents due and to become due 
     under Sublease. Sublessor agrees that Sublessee shall have the right to 
     rely upon any such statement and request from Master Lessor, and that 
     Sublessee shall pay such rents to Master Lessor without any obligation or 
     right to inquire as to whether such default exists and notwithstanding any 
     notice from or claim from Sublessor to the contrary and Sublessor shall 
     have no right or claim against Sublessee for any such rents to be paid by 


     9.1  In the event that the Master Lease requires that Sublessor obtain the
     consent of Master Lessor to any subletting by Sublessor then, this Sublease
     shall not be effective unless, within thirty (30) days of the date hereof,
     Master Lessor signs this Sublease thereby giving its consent to this


     9.2 In the event that Master Lessor does give such consent then:

     (a) Such consent will not release Sublessor of its obligations or alter the
     primary liability of Sublessor to pay the rent and perform and comply with
     all of the obligations of Sublessor to be performed under the Master Lease.

     (b) The acceptance of rent by Master Lessor from Sublessee or any one else
     liable under the Master Lease shall not be deemed a waiver by Master Lessor
     of any provisions of the Master Lease.

     (c) The consent of this Sublease shall not constitute a consent to any
     subsequent subletting or assignment.

     (d) In the event of any default of Sublessor under the Master Lease, Master
     Lessor may proceed directly against Sublessor, any guarantors or any one
     else liable under the Master Lease or this Sublease without first
     exhausting Master Lessor's remedies against any other person or entity
     liable thereon to Master Lessor.

     (e) In the event that Sublessor shall default in its obligations under the
     Master Lease, then Master Lessor, at its option and without being obligated
     to do so, may require Sublessee to attorn to Master Lessor in which event
     Master Lessor shall undertake the obligations of Sublessor under this
     Sublease from the time of the exercise of said option to termination of
     this Sublease, but Master Lessor shall not be liable for any prepaid rents
     nor any security deposit paid by Sublessee unless actually paid to Master
     Lessor,nor shall Master Lessor be liable for any other defaults of the
     Sublessor under the Sublease. In the event that Master Lessor requires
     Sublessee to attorn to Master Lessor pursuant to this subparagraph 9.2(e),
     Master Lessor shall provide Sublessee with a non-disturbance agreement
     reasonably satisfactory to Sublessee.

     9.3 The signatures of the Master Lessor at the end of this document shall
     constitute its consent to the terms of this Sublease.

     9.4 Master Lessor acknowledges, that to Master Lessor's knowledge, no
     default presently exists under the Master Lease of obligations to be
     performed by Sublessor and that the Master Lease is in full force and


     10.1 Upon execution hereof by all parties, Sublessor shall pay to Grubb & Ellis, a licensed real estate broker (herein called 'Broker'), a fee as set
     forth in a separate agreement between Sublessor and Broker.

     10.2 Sublessee represents and warrants to Sublessor that it dealt with no
     broker other than Broker and that its dealings with E.& Y. Kenneth
     Laventhal Real Estate Group is as consultant at its sole cost and expense
     (except for credit referred to in Paragraph 4 hereof.)

11.  ATTORNEYS' FEES. If any party brings action to enforce the terms hereof to
     declare rights hereunder, the prevailing party in any such action, on trial
     and appeal, shall be entitled to his reasonable attorney's fees to be paid
     by the losing party as fixed by the Court. The provision of this paragraph
     shall inure to the benefit of the Broker named herein who seeks to enforce
     a right hereunder.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this sublease as of the
date below.

                              SUBLESSOR: SPACE SYSTEMS/LORAL, INC.

                                   By:  /s/ STEPHEN L. JACKSON
                                            Stephen L. Jackson

                                   Its: Vice President, Administration



                                   By:  /s/ JAY A. JONES
                                            JAY A. JONES
                                            VICE PRESIDENT AND
                                   Its:     GENERAL COUNSEL

                                   Date:  3/4/98

                              MASTER LESSOR: ARRILLAGA FAMILY TRUST AND
                              RICHARD T. PEERY SEPARATE PROPERTY TRUST





                         ADDENDUM TO STANDARD SUBLEASE





The following provisions are incorporated as provisions of the Sublease, and in
the event of any conflict between the provisions of the Sublease and this
Addendum, the provisions of this Addendum shall govern and control.

     obligation to pay its share of 'Designated Expenses' referred to in
     Paragraph 2 of this Addendum, Sublessor shall fulfill the maintenance and
     repair obligations set forth as Lessee's obligations in the Master Lease.
     Notwithstanding the foregoing, Sublessee shall be responsible for the
     maintenance within the Premises of interior improvements, finishes,
     lighting facilities, plate glass and all improvements that Sublessee makes
     to the Premises and for any repairs to the Premises necessitated by
     Sublessee's negligence or misuse.


     2.1  Definitions. The following definitions shall be applicable to this

          2.1.1 'Designated Expenses' means all expenses incurred by Sublessor,
          whether or not paid directly by Sublessor or reimbursed to Master
          Lessor, for the Premises and all other parts of the Building
          (including the front lobby on the first floor of the Building, parking
          and access areas and landscaping) for (i) all additional charges for
          expenses and taxes payable pursuant to Paragraph 4D and 4E of the
          Master Lease; (ii) electric, water, gas, and other utilities and
          services (such as janitorial, gardening and security services), except
          that Sublessee shall (a) pay directly to the utility companies the
          charges for water, gas and electricity which are separately metered
          for the Premises and (b) contract and pay for its own trash removal;
          (iii) maintenance, repair, and replacement costs incurred pursuant to
          the Master Lease; and (iv) Sublessor's Premises improvement
          depreciation and management fee.

          2.1.2 'Sublessee's Share of the Designated Expenses' means 46.2%.

     2.2  As Additional Rent hereunder, Sublessee shall pay Sublessor, without
          reduction or offset, Sublessee's Share of the Designated Expenses on
          the first day of each month of the term of this Sublease. Sublessee's
          Share of Designated Expenses shall be deemed to be $14,937 per month.
          Within (90) days after the end of each calendar year during the term
          of this Sublease, Sublessor shall calculate the Sublessee's Share of
          the Designated Expenses for such calendar year and provide notice
          thereof to Sublessee and Sublessor's Share of Designated Expenses
          shall be adjusted as required by said notice with appropriate credits
          or additional payments. Sublessee shall have the right to audit
          Sublessor's records with respect to the calculation of Sublessee's
          Share of Designated Expenses, provided that it elects in writing to do
          so within ninety (90) days of its receipt of Sublessor's notice and
          concludes such audit within thirty (30) days after such election

3.   SUBLESSOR'S OBLIGATIONS. If, notwithstanding Sublessor's reasonable
efforts, Sublessee's use of the Premises is substantially impaired due to Master
Lessor's failure to perform any obligation of the Master Lessor under the Master
Lease, upon written request from Sublessee, Sublessor shall assign (to the
extent allowed under the Master Lease) Sublessor's rights under the Master Lease
to the extent necessary to permit Sublessee to institute legal proceedings
against Master Lessor to obtain performance of such obligation.

4.   SURRENDER OF THE PREMISES. Subject to the Sublessee's repair and
maintenance obligations, Sublessee's removal and with respect to alterations,
additions, improvements and installations on the Premises shall apply only to
such work performed by Sublessee.


5.   SIGNAGE. Sublessee shall be entitled to install exterior signage subject 
to the approval of Sublessor, Master Lessor and the City of Mountain View. Such 
signage may be limited to Sublessee placing its name on the existing monument 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Addendum as of the 
date below.

                              SUBLESSOR: SPACE SYSTEMS/LORAL, INC.

                                   By:   /s/ STEPHEN L. JACKSON
                                             Stephen L. Jackson

                                   Its: Vice President, Administration



                                   By:   /s/ JAY A. JONES
                                             JAY A. JONES
                                             VICE PRESIDENT AND
                                   Its:      GENERAL COUNSEL

                                   Date:  3/4/98

                              MASTER LESSOR: ARRILLAGA FAMILY TRUST AND
                              RICHARD T. PEERY SEPARATE PROPERTY TRUST





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