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The Helicon, One South Place (London, UK) Lease - Network Computer Inc. and Oracle Corp. UK Ltd.

                             [LETTERHEAD OF ORACLE]

Network Computer, Inc
1000 Bridge Parkway,
Redwood Shores,
CA 94065,

Dear Sirs,

We agree to grant you a licence to use between the hours (the 'authorised
hours') of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays inclusive (public holidays
excepted) that area of The Helicon, One South Place, London EC2A 1SA details of
which are set out in The Schedule hereto (the 'Area') with such access thereto
as may be reasonably necessary subject to the following terms and conditions:

1.    The licence will operate between the 1st day of November 1998 and the 31st
      day of October 1999, and may be extended until 31st October 2000, subject
      to your giving us written notice not less than two weeks prior to 31st
      October 1999 for an area within One South Place of equivalent size to the
      Area on the same terms as this licence generally, and at the quarterly
      rate specified in paragraph 3.

2.    The Area is to be used solely as offices in connection with your business
      for the marketing and sale of network computers and you are not to use the
      same for residential or sleeping purposes. We exclude any terms as to
      soundness of construction or fitness for purpose relating to the Area or
      anything attached to or contained in the same which may otherwise be
      implied by law. Notwithstanding the foregoing we shall maintain our
      accommodation within One South Place in accordance with our normal

3.    The charge for the use of the Area will be at the rate of (pound)30,000
      per annum (exclusive of Value Added Tax) payable by equal payments in
      advance each of (pound)7,500, the first such payment being made on the
      signing hereof Quarter commencing on 1st November 1998. The charge is
      inclusive of water and sewerage rates, uniform business rate, heating,
      electricity, security, office cleaning, building maintenance, use of
      office furniture, use of facsimile equipment and telephone handsets, use
      of the office equipment, use of vending machines and photocopiers, and
      inclusive of telephone and facsimile charges during the currency of this

4.    If the charge is not paid within 14 days of the due date, we shall be
      entitled to terminate this licence upon 10 days written notice to you
      and/or require you to


      pay interest on the unpaid charge from the due date at the rate of 3%
      above Barclays Bank Plc base rate per annum.

5.    You and your authorised representatives will have access to the Area
      during the authorised hours only. You will be provided with four
      electro-magnetic passes for gaining access to the Area during the
      authorised hours. All electro-magnetic passes must be returned to us on
      termination of this licence howsoever occurring.

6.    You will have the right to use the toilet facilities in the premises
      belonging to us and the sixth floor reception area, lifts, fire escapes,
      staircases and passageways leading to, from and between the Area.

7.    We are making available for your use the furniture now in the Area which
      you must leave on vacation of the Area in as good condition as it now is,
      fair wear and tear excepted.

8.    You will not erect any further partitioning or other structures, install
      any fixed plant or equipment or carry out any alterations to the Area
      without our written permission. If such erection, installation or
      alteration is permitted and carried out, you will at our request upon the
      termination of the licence restore the Area to its present state and make
      good any damage caused thereby. All moveable plant and equipment used by
      you in the Area and belonging to you shall be removed at your expense upon
      termination of this licence or such will become our property free of
      charge if not so removed.

9.    You will maintain normal good housekeeping in the Area at all times. You
      will be responsible for all loss or damage within the Area and within
      other parts of the premises belonging to us caused by you, your servants
      and agents other than by fair wear and tear.

10.   You will be responsible for the contents of the Area (including any
      permitted erections, installations and alterations). You agree to hold
      harmless and indemnify us, our employees and agents from all claims
      arising in respect of loss or damage to the contents of the Area from
      whatsoever cause other than our negligence or wrongful misconduct.

11.   Your employees, visitors and your contractors and sub-contractors will
      observe all regulations notified to you relating to security, access, fire
      and safety precautions, and any other reasonable on site working
      conditions imposed by ourselves.

12.   You will comply in your use of the area with the provisions of all
      statutes and regulations for the time being and from time to time in
      force, and the requirements of any competent authority relating to the
      Area or its fixtures and fittings, machinery or other contents or persons
      employed or activities carried on thereon but will not be required to make
      any alterations, additions or improvements to the Area to bring it into
      compliance with such statutes and regulations, which steps will be taken
      by us at our sole cost.



13.   You will not cause any nuisance or annoyance to us or to any adjoining
      owners or occupiers.

14.   We will undertake free of charge normal office cleaning of the Area in
      accordance with our standard arrangements which apply on the premises, and
      will dispose of all reasonable quantities of refuse left in the
      appropriate receptacles in the Area.

15.   We shall be entitled to terminate this licence upon 14 days written notice
      if our landlord so requires us to do, or if all or any requirements of
      this licence are not complied with and if capable of remedy, are not so
      remedied within 14 days of written notice of such non-compliance being
      sent by us to you. However, this licence may not be terminated by us for
      any other reason.

16.   We will be relieved of liabilities to provide facilities including without
      prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the supply of electricity,
      lighting, heating, ventilation and telephone services whenever and for so
      long as the use of the Area or the building in which the Area is situate
      is prevented as a consequence of fire, explosion, water, aircraft, riot,
      civil commotion, malicious damage, machinery breakdown or any other
      circumstance beyond our control. Further, we will not be liable for any
      temporary breakdown or interruption of facilities, although we shall take
      all reasonable steps to have such facilities restored as soon as
      reasonably practicable.

17.   This licence and the privileges granted thereby is personal to your

18.   You will allow us or any person authorised by us to enter the Area at any
      reasonable time upon our Facility Manager giving you reasonable notice for
      the purpose of ascertaining whether the terms of this licence have been
      complied with or for the purpose of viewing and examining the state and
      condition of the Area subject to your reasonable security requirements.
      Any person entering your Area shall make themselves known to your
      management in that part of the Area being inspected.

19.   Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 17 we or our landlord shall
      have a right of access to and passage through your Area on the first floor
      for the purpose of using those parts of the first floor not forming part
      of the Area or for the purpose of carrying out any work of whatsoever
      nature to any of the risers, smoke vents or other utilities serving the
      building. In times of emergency we and other occupiers of One South Place
      shall also have a right of access to and passage through any parts of the
      Area for the purpose of using fire escapes.

20.   On the termination of this licence, you will vacate the Area, removing all
      equipment, files, books and records which belong to you.

21.   This licence shall not operate as a demise or create any leasehold
      interest or tenancy of the Area but shall confer upon you only a right to
      enter thereon for the purpose of exercising this licence and any
      privileges hereby granted.



                                  THE SCHEDULE

The Area comprises part of the first floor (being 1065 sq ft or thereabouts)
within the building known as The Helicon, One South Place, London EC2A 1SA

Yours faithfully,

for and on behalf of
Oracle Corporation UK Limited

We accept the terms outlined above

Director for and on behalf of 
Network Computer, Inc 
this ____ day of December 1998.


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