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Advertising Insertion Order - and eGroups Inc.


                           Advertising Insertion Order

Sales Contact: Jill Benioff e-mail: Phone: (415) 546-2813
Fax: (415) 546-2601

                                ORDER INFORMATION

Order Date: February 9, 2000

Advertiser      X.Com                           Agency
Fax             (650) 752-6960                  Fax
Address         394 University Avenue           Address
                Palo Alto, CA 94301

Contact         Julie Anderson                  Contact
Phone           (650) 752-6900                  Phone
Email                         Email

Start Date      2/10/00        End Date 3/8100     Contract Length 2/8/00-3/8/00

Bill To:        [X]  Advertiser                 [ ]  Agency

                                  AD PLACEMENT

 Ad Type      Position                  Target                   CPM       Total Impressions    Total Amount
 -------      --------                  ------                   ---       -----------------    ------------
Elerts (2)    Feb 10th and                Collectables           [*]                [*]         $4,000
                  21 st
                              Business & Finance: [*]            [*]

                              Buying & Trading
                              Merchandise, Auctions, Bartering,
120x440's                     Collecting, Fantasy
text              WEB         Sports: [*] impressions                               [*]         $46,500

                              Electronic Commerce/Shopping
                              Purchasing Goods: [*]

                              Cultures & Lifestyles: [*]
                              impressions                                                       Cost: $50,500

DELIVERY: All materials must be delivered at least 4 business days in advance to
the e-mail address In all correspondence, a eGroups
Insertion order number and flight dates must be referenced.

This agreement Is non-cancelable.

Authorized By:                            Phone: 650-752-6907   Date: 02/08/2000

We have requested confidential treatment of this exhibit pursuant to Rule 406,
promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, under the Securities and
Exchange Act of 1933, as amended.

An * indicates that information has been redacted pursuant to a request for 
confidential treatment filed separately with the Securities and Exchange 

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