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Letter of Intent for Development of Dalian Metropolitan Area Broadband Network Business - Dalian Metropolitan Area Network Center and Big Sky Network Canada Ltd.

                              THE LETTER OF INTENT


                           BROADBAND NETWORK BUSINESS

Dalian  Metropolitan  Area Network  center  (hereinafter  " Party A"), a company
registered in City of Dalian,  the People's Republic of China, now is developing
an integrated broadband information network in the territory of city.

Big Sky Network Canada Ltd.  (hereinafter " Party B"), a company,  registered in
British Virgin Island and headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with the business in
broadband cable TV network investment,  development and construction, is willing
to  cooperate  with  Party  A in  developing  Internet  related  business,  data
transmission  business and other  value-added  network services on the broadband
network in Dalian. After exchange of information by both parties,  both mutually
agree there will be a good  opportunity for  cooperation and a potential  market
for the business on the Dalian Metropolitan Broadband Network (DMBN).

NOW,  THEREFORE,  Party  A and  Party  B  have  reached  an  agreement  for  the
cooperation  intent  and  planned  work  schedule  for next  three (3) months as

         1.  Party A and Party B hereby  agree that both  Parties  will  jointly
             develop  Internet  related  business,  broadband data  transmission
             business and value-added  network services on the network.  Party B
             will  provide  all  investment  funds,   equipment  and  technology
             required by the project to develop  business on DMBN.  Party A will
             offer  the  use  right  of its  DMBN  network  to  participate  the

         2.  The  cooperative  joint  venture  will be established  in  City  of
             Dalian. Name of this Joint Venture will be determined in the timing
             to  be  coming.  The  investment amount,  registered  capital,  and


             of profits to both parties shall be  negotiated  and  confirmed  by
             both parties in the final contract.  The project period  shall  get
             into effect upon the commencement date of the planned  business and
             continue for a period of twenty (20) years.
         3.  Both Parties will set a joint feasibility research team discuss and
             arrange all related  contents of  cooperation  for  development  of
             broadband  cable TV network.  Both  parties  will  discuss  working

         4.  Each party will be responsible for its own expenses incurred during
             the period of preparation of joint venture.

         5.  This   agreement  is  written  both  in  the  Chinese  and  English
             languages.  Two (2) copies of both versions  shall be  respectively
             provided to both parties. This agreement,  which may be executed in
             counterparts,  is  executed  as of the date  below  written by duly
             authorized representatives of Party A and Party B.

Party A:                                            Party B:
Dalian Metropolitan Area                            Big Sky Network Canada, Ltd.
Network Center

By:    /s/ PING CHEN                                 By:    /s/ DAMING YANG
       --------------                                       ----------------
Name:  Ping Chen                                    Name:   Daming Yang
Title: General Manager                              Title:  President
Date:  March 1, 2000                                Date:   March 1, 2000

                                                             [SEAL APPEARS HERE]

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