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Memorandum of Understanding - Jitong Network Communication Co. Ltd. and Chengdu Big Sky Network Technology Service Ltd.

                           MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING

                     Jitong Network Communication Co., Ltd.

                 Chengdu Big Sky Network Technology Service Ltd.
                          for the business cooperation

Jitong and Big Sky had has a series of detail discussion for the business
cooperation interested by both parties. After a friendly discussion, both
parties reached a common for business both parties willing to cooperated:

1. Jitong and Big Sky will monitor the test processing of SOMA system jointly
and application condition worldwide. Both parties will keep the contact to each
other for latest development of SOMA system.

2. Bases on the test result and application condition of SOMA system worldwide,
both parties will arrange the similar test in China as soon as possible. Both
parties will discuss the detail issues regarding to the coming test.

3. Both parties will discuss the possibility of jointly construct SOMA system in
China based on the test result.

JITONG NETWORK                                     CHENGDU BIG SKY NETWORK

/s/XIIANFU NING                                    /s/ DAMING YANG
-----------------                                  ---------------
Xiianfu Ning,                                      Daming Yang
Vice President                                     President
October 15, 2001                                   October 15, 2001

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