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Trademark License - National Association of Realtors and RealSelect Inc.

                               TRADEMARK LICENSE

This Agreement, dated this 26th day of November, 1996, is made by and between
the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS(R), an Illinois not for profit corporation
having offices as 430 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago Illinois 60611-4087 (hereinafter
'NAR'), and RealSelect, Inc. a Delaware corporation having offices at 5655
Lindero Canyon, Suite 106, Westlake Village, California 91362 (hereinafter

Whereas, NAR has established and desires to preserve, protect, enhance and
promote the national image and prestige of NAR as an association of real estate
professionals and RealSelect acknowledges and recognizes this image and
prestige; and

Whereas, NAR is the owner of all rights in and to various trademarks, trade
names, logos, initials and other symbols associated with NAR, including common
law rights; and

Whereas, NAR possesses valid Federal and/or State registrations for Trademarks
(as defined below); and

Whereas, RealSelect desires a license to use certain of NAR's Trademarks in
connection with the collection and distribution of information related to the
availability for sale of all types of real estate via Electronic Display, as
defined in the Operating Agreement dated as of November ___, 1996 between
REALTORS(R) Information Network, Inc. ('RIN') and RealSelect (the 'Operating
Agreement'), (the 'RealSelect Business');

Now, Therefore, for and in consideration of the mutual covenants and undertaking
hereinafter set forth and other good and valuable consideration hereby
acknowledged, it is agreed as follows:

                                   ARTICLE I

I.1  The term 'Agreement' shall mean this License Agreement between NAR and

I.2  The term 'Block R Logo' shall mean that logo owned by NAR consisting of a
     vertically oriented rectangular block, an 'R' in a futura type face inside
     the block and the term REALTOR(R) centered below the block, all as shown in
     registration No. 1,137,081 of the Principal Register issued by the United
     States Patent and Trademark Office on June 17, 1980.

I.3  The term 'Licensed Mark' shall mean NAR's federally registered membership
     mark, REALTOR(R) and the suffixes '.com' so as to appear as '',
     '@home' so as to appear as 'REALTOR@home', and '@aol' so as to appear as
     'REALTOR@aol' and shall include any other Trademarks, if any, which NAR
     grants to RealSelect after (i) RealSelect has received the approval from
     RIN, pursuant to the operating Agreement, for the Electronic Display of
     Real Property Ads (each as defined in the Operating Agreement) on a new
     electronic display vehicle or media and (ii) RealSelect has notified 

      NAR of this new electronic display vehicle or media and has requested
      NAR's permission to use a specific Trademark in connection therewith and
      (iii) NAR has granted its approval for such use, such approval not to be
      unreasonably withheld or delayed. NAR is the owner of all rights in and to
      the Licensed Mark.

I.4   The term 'Parties' shall mean RealSelect and NAR.

I.5   The term 'Trademarks' shall mean NAR's trademarks, service marks, marks,
      logos, insignias, seals, designs or other symbols/devices used by NAR or
      any of its members, affiliates or subsidiaries and associated with or
      referring to NAR or any of its goods, services or membership. NAR is the
      exclusive owner and licensor of these Trademarks.

                                  ARTICLE II
                               GRANT OF LICENSE

II.1  Subject to the terms of this Agreement and to the extent permitted by law,
      NAR hereby grants to RealSelect an exclusive worldwide license except for
      use in Canada to use the Licensed Mark in connection with the RealSelect
      Business pursuant to the Operating Agreement. The license is limited to
      use of the Licensed Mark as it is defined herein, but shall include any
      manner of display or communication of the Licensed Mark, and any variation
      in its form provided such variation has been approved in advance by NAR.
      The forms of display and communication of the Licensed Mark set forth in
      Schedule A, attached hereto and made a part hereof and as may be amended,
      shall be deemed approved by NAR for use by RealSelect.

II.2  NAR also hereby grants to RealSelect an exclusive license for the
      RealSelect Business to use NAR's federally registered membership mark,
      REALTOR(R) and the suffix '', so as to appear as the domain site
      '' (the 'Location Mark'). However, the license is limited to
      use of the Location Mark as a part of an Internet URL in connection with
      the operation of the RealSelect Business. RealSelect shall not include or
      use the Location Mark in the marketing or distribution of the RealSelect
      Business or for any other purpose except with NAR's prior authorization.

II.3  Subject to the rights granted herein NAR expressly reserves for itself the
      exclusive right to license its Trademarks, including the Licensed Mark,
      and RealSelect may not assign its rights or sublicense the use of the
      Licensed Mark to third parties. RealSelect may use a subcontractor to
      manufacture, create or promote the services in connection with which the
      Licensed Mark is used, but must require said third party to be bound to
      the same terms and conditions as is RealSelect relating to this Agreement.

II.4  RealSelect shall at no time adopt or use, without NAR's prior written
      consent, any variation of the Trademarks or any word or mark likely to be
      similar to or confusingly similar to or with any of the Trademarks.


II.5   It is understood and agreed that RealSelect shall not use the phrases
       REALTOR(R) Property Ads and Voice for Real Estate in describing or
       promoting the RealSelect Business.

II.6   It is understood and agreed that RealSelect may used the phrase 'The
       Official Internet Site of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS(R) in
       connection with the RealSelect Business so long as all uses clearly
       indicate that the business is operated by RealSelect, Inc; provided
       further that RealSelect may use the Block 'R' logo in conjunction with
       such phrase provided such use is consistent with NAR's rules governing
       usage of the Block 'R' logo; provided further that RealSelect may replace
       the word 'Internet' with other approved forms of Electronic Display where
       such phrase is to appear in the other form of Electronic Display.

II.7   It is understood and agreed that RealSelect may answer its business
       phones with 'REALTOR.COM operations.'

II.8   It is further understood and agreed that the approved domain name can
       also be used on advertising, promotional materials, stationery, etc., all
       in connection with the RealSelect Business.

                                  ARTICLE III
                               QUALITY ASSURANCE

III.I  RealSelect agrees to maintain a standard of quality for the service in
       connection with which the Licensed Mark is used that will enhance and
       contribute to the national image and prestige of NAR as an association of
       real estate professionals and will at all times avoid impugning the
       character and reputation of NAR and/or its members. If at any time
       RealSelect is in breach of this requirement, NAR may terminate this
       license as provided for hereinafter.

                                  ARTICLE IV
                          TRADEMARK USE AND OWNERSHIP

IV.I   NAR hereby represents and warrants to that to the best of NAR's knowledge
       (i) the Licensed Mark and the Location Mark are valid and enforceable,
       (ii) the Licensed Mark and the Location Mark do not infringe upon any
       rights of any third parties, (iii) there is no claim, pending or
       threatened, relating to the Licensed Mark or the Location Mark, (iv) NAR
       has no commitment, whether express or implied, with any other person or
       entity which is in conflict with the terms, conditions and understandings
       contained in this Agreement and (v) NAR has all of the rights necessary
       to enter into this Agreement and to make the grants herein contained.

IV.2   RealSelect agrees to use the Licensed Mark only in the form and manner
       and with appropriate legends as prescribed in writing from time to time
       by NAR, and not to use any other trademark, word, symbol or device in
       combination with said Licensed Mark


       without the prior written approval of NAR. RealSelect agrees it will not
       alter, modify, dilute or otherwise misuse any of NAR's Trademarks.

IV.3   RealSelect agrees that upon request it shall cause to appear on or in
       connection with its services any reasonable trademark notices as NAR may
       from time to time, upon reasonable notice, designate.

IV.4   RealSelect hereby acknowledges NAR's ownership of the Trademarks, the
       Licensed Mark and the Location Mark and RealSelect agrees that it will do
       nothing inconsistent with such ownership. Any and all use of the Licensed
       Mark or any other Trademark by RealSelect shall inure solely and
       exclusively to the benefit of NAR. RealSelect agrees that it shall not
       apply for registration or seek to obtain ownership of any NAR Trademark,
       including the Licensed Mark and, Location Mark, in any nation. Further,
       RealSelect agrees that neither now, nor at any time in the future, will
       RealSelect, its parent corporations, subsidiaries, or affiliates,
       challenge or assist in any challenge to NAR's ownership rights in NAR's
       Trademarks, including the Licensed Mark and Location Mark.

IV.5   RealSelect agrees it will use the Licensed Mark only in a fashion
       authorized by this Agreement and will comply with all appropriate local
       and national laws in the United States. RealSelect further agrees that
       any use of the Trademarks by RealSelect will conform with the rules
       governing the use of the Trademarks issued by NAR and its affiliates,
       including specifically using the membership mark REALTOR(R) only where
       the context of use will clearly express the meaning of the term
       REALTOR4(R) as an indicator of membership in NAR.

IV.6   RealSelect recognizes goodwill associated with the Licensed Mark and
       acknowledges that said goodwill belongs to NAR, and that any goodwill
       associated with use of the Licensed Mark pursuant to this Agreement shall
       inure to the benefit of NAR.

IV.7   NAR agrees that it shall be responsible for maintaining the validity of
       the Licensed Mark and all registrations thereon in the United States. NAR
       further agrees that upon RealSelect's request, and in consultation with
       RealSelect, it will take reasonable steps to protect the Licensed Mark in
       those foreign countries where RealSelect can demonstrate it needs such
       protection in furtherance of its business operations, provided that any
       and all expenses incurred by NAR in connection with such activities which
       are undertaken at the request of RealSelect shall be paid equally by
       RealSelect and NAR.

                                   ARTICLE V

V. I   This Agreement shall be in full force and effect from the Effective Date
       as defined in Article XXIII and shall remain in effect as co-terminous
       with the Operating Agreement unless terminated earlier in accordance with
       the terms of this Agreement.


                                  ARTICLE VI

VI.1    RealSelect agrees to notify NAR promptly of any known use of the
        Trademarks or the Licensed Mark by others not duly authorized by NAR.
        Notification of such unauthorized use shall include all details known by
        RealSelect that would enable or aid NAR in investigating such use.

VI.2    Upon learning of any infringement, NAR shall, at its sole discretion,
        take such action as NAR may deem to be appropriate to enforce its rights
        or suppress or eliminate such infringement. RealSelect shall fully
        cooperate with NAR in the prosecution of any action against an
        infringer, but RealSelect shall not be liable for any legal fees or
        other expenses unless agreed upon in advance.

                                  ARTICLE VII
                            TERMINATION BY LICENSEE

VII.I   RealSelect shall have the right to terminate this Agreement of
        termination by RealSelect of the Operating Agreement, provided however,
        that such termination shall not impair or affect any accrued rights of
        NAR. A failure by NAR to comply with the obligations set forth in this
        Agreement shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement by NAR unless
        it continues for thirty (30) days after written notice has been given to
        NAR by RealSelect.

                                  ARTICLE VIII
                            TERMINATION BY LICENSOR

VIII.I  NAR may terminate this Agreement by notice to RealSelect in the event
        that RealSelect should fail to materially perform any act required by
        this Agreement, or otherwise breach any covenant or agreement herein,
        and such failure or breach shall continue for thirty days after written
        notice thereof is given by NAR to RealSelect; provided that the prompt
        cessation by RealSelect of any breach shall not give rise to a
        termination right unless such breach was undertaken by RealSelect in bad

VIII.2  It is expressly agreed that the provisions of 7.2 of the Operating
        Agreement shall be applicable also to this Trademark License Agreement.
        It is expressly recognized that the termination of the Operating
        Agreement can be the basis for termination of this Agreement.

VIII.3  RealSelect acknowledges that money damages alone are inadequate to
        compensate NAR for any breach by RealSelect of any provision of this
        Agreement concerning the protection of the Licensed Mark. Therefore, in
        the event of a breach or threatened breach of any such provision of this
        Agreement by RealSelect, NAR may, in addition to all other remedies,
        immediately seek to obtain and enforce appropriate injunctive relief.


                                  ARTICLE IX
                             EFFECT OF TERMINATION

IX.I   Upon termination of this Agreement, RealSelect agrees to immediately
       discontinue the use of any of NAR's Trademarks, including the Licensed
       Mark, all in accordance with 7.3 of the Operating Agreement.

IX.2    RealSelect agrees that all legal rights and goodwill associated with NAR
        Trademarks, including the Licensed Mark, shall remain the property of
        NAR and RealSelect shall make no claim to them.

                                   ARTICLE X

X.I     Each party hereto (the 'indemnifying party') shall defend, indemnify,
        and hold harmless the other party (the 'indemnified party'), its
        officers, employees, and agents from and against any losses and expenses
        (including attorneys' fees), claims, suits or other liability, arising
        out of or in any way connected with the negligent or intentional acts of
        the indemnifying party in connection with the exercise of the license
        granted in this Agreement.

                                  ARTICLE XI

XI.1    Should any provision of this Agreement be held unenforceable or in
        conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, then the validity of the
        remaining provisions shall not be affected by such a holding.

                                  ARTICLE XII
                              NEGATION OF AGENCY

XII.I   RealSelect is an independent contractor. Nothing contained herein shall
        be deemed to create an agency, joint venture, franchise, or partnership
        relation between the Parties, and neither Party shall so hold itself
        out. RealSelect shall have no right to obligate or bind NAR in any
        manner whatsoever, and nothing contained in this Agreement shall give or
        is intended to give any rights of any kind to third persons.

                                 ARTICLE XIII
                            MODIFICATION AND WAIVER

XIII.1  This Agreement may not be amended except by a written instrument
        executed by the Parties.

XIII.2  It is agreed that no waiver by either Party hereto of any breach or
        default of any of the provisions herein set forth shall be deemed a
        waiver as to any subsequent and/or similar breach or default.


                                  ARTICLE XIV
                             LICENSE RESTRICTIONS

XIV.1   It is agreed that the rights and privileges granted to RealSelect are
        each and all expressly conditioned upon the faithful performance on the
        part of RealSelect of every requirement herein contained, and that each
        of such conditions and requirements are specific license restrictions.

                                  ARTICLE XV
                               LIMITED WARRANTY

XV.1    NAR makes no representations or warranties with respect to the services
        provided by RealSelect and disclaims any liability arising out of the
        service rendered under the Licensed Mark.  No use by RealSelect shall
        create the implication of a warranty or guarantee by NAR or RealSelect's

                                  ARTICLE XVI

XVI.1   This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of NAR, its successors and
        assigns, but will be personal to RealSelect and shall be assignable by
        RealSelect only with the prior written consent of NAR.

                                  ARTICLE XVII
                                 GOVERNING LAW

XVII.1  This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with and all disputes
        hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois. The
        Parties hereto consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of the
        competent jurisdiction, federal or state, situated in the State of
        Illinois for the bringing of any and all actions hereunder.

                                 ARTICLE XVIII

XVIII.1 The headings herein are for reference purposes only and shall not
        constitute a part hereof or be deemed to limit or expand the scope of
        any provisions of this Agreement.

                                  ARTICLE XIX
                             NOTICES AND PAYMENTS

XIX.1   Any notice required by this Agreement shall be deemed to have been
        properly received when delivered in person or when mailed by registered
        first class mail return receipt requested to the address as given
        herein, or such address as may be designated from time to time during
        the terms of this Agreement.


         To RealSelect:
         RealSelect, Inc.
         5655 Lindero Canyon, Suite 106
         Westlake Village, CA  91362
         Attn:  Richard Janssen
         TO NAR:
         430 N. Michigan Avenue
         Chicago, IL  60611-4087
         Attn:  Laurene K. Janik, General Counsel

                                  ARTICLE XX
                               COMPLETE AGREEMENT

XX.1     It is understood and agreed between the parties that this Agreement
         constitutes the entire agreement between them and that all prior
         agreements or representations respecting the licensing of NAR's
         Trademarks, whether written or oral, expressed or implied, and whether
         the NAR or ant party, shall be abrogated, canceled and are null and

                                  ARTICLE XXI


XXI.1    This Agreement may be accepted and executed by the Parties hereto by
         facsimile transmission of their respective signature.

                                  ARTICLE XXII


XXII.1   The provisions of paragraphs II.3, II.4, IV.4, VIII.3, X.1, XV.1 and
         XXII.1 will survive the expiration of termination of this Agreement.

                                 ARTICLE XXIII
                                EFFECTIVE DATE

XXIII.1  Infotouch Corporation, a Delaware corporation ('Infotouch') and
         NetSelect, Inc. a Delaware corporation ('NetSelect') have entered into
         an Agreement and Plan of Merger, dated as of November __, 1996 (the
         'Merger Agreement'), pursuant to which NetSelect will be merged with
         and into Infotouch, with Infotouch being the surviving corporation (the
         'Merger'). This Trademark License Agreement shall only be effective
         (the 'Effective Date') from and after the 'Closing' of the Merger (as
         that term is defined in the Merger Agreement).


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have caused this Agreement to be executed by
their duly authorized representatives and to become effective as of the date and
year first above written.


By: /s/ Stuart Wolff               By: /s/ Alan R. Smith
   ---------------------------        --------------------------------

Its:                               Its: Executive Vice President
    --------------------------         -------------------------------


                                  SCHEDULE A

1.   REALTOR.COM as an approved Internet Domain Site name.

2.   REALTOR.XX as a Domain Site name where XX is used as an Internet designator
for country location, such as REALTOR.AU where 'AU' stands for Australia, or
where XX is a recognized Internet suffix used by commercial enterprises now and
in the future provided the foregoing site names are only used to transfer users
to the domain site.

3.   YY.REALTOR where YY is a designator for a state or location such as 'TN'
for Tennessee as a modification of an otherwise approved Domain Name provided
the foregoing site names are only to transfer users to the domain

4.   Addition of other prefixes and suffixes reasonably necessary for the 
effective use of any approved Domain Mane on the Internet where such suffixes 
and prefixes are separated from REALTOR by punctuation (i.e. '`', '/', '\', ',',
'@' and other similar symbols). These would include the following:

     i.   '' as an email address as long as the user of the
email address is a member of NAR, works for RealSelect, or works for an
Association of REALTORS that is a member or NAR.

     ii.  'HTTP://'.

     iii. '' where the
directoryname and subdirectoryname refer to directories and subdirectories on
the REALTOR.COM Domain Site that allow for proper organization of the Domain

5.   It is agreed that the above approved Domain Site name can use the Licensed
Mark in upper or lower case.


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