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Corporate Governance

Decisions regarding business structure and governance can have great benefits for a company, but can also have tax and liability consequences. These questions can involve what business organization to choose, how to write and observe bylaws and article of incorporation, how the Board of Directors operate, what to think about when purchasing Director & Officer liability insurance, and what steps to take when creating a joint venture. The Corporate Governance section of FindLaw's Corporate Counsel Center provides information on these questions and addresses Business Organization, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Insurance and more. Find out more about these important issues in our Corporate Governance section.

Corporate Governance Articles

  • M&A Mania: Boom or Bust? Part I

    I am by training a mergers and acquisition (M & A) lawyer. I love what I do. I enjoy the clients I work with and the challenge of the deals. That is my bias up front. Hopefully, it is also a valid basis for my perspective from the inside, so to ...

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  • Choosing the Correct Form for Your Professional Business

    The first step in setting up a successful business is choosing the proper legal form that your new business will take. For business composed of licensed professionals — doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers — the choice of business form can be ...

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  • S Corporations: An Overview

    This article presents an overview discussion of the taxation of S corporations and their shareholders. While S corporations are corporations for purposes of state law, they are taxed much like partnerships for federal (and, in many cases, state ...

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  • Personal Injury Explained

    The law provides that a wrongdoer must take responsibility for injuries he inflicts on others. A wrongdoer must compensate a person he injures. Most people and businesses carry insurance for this sort of thing. In a perfect world, the insurance ...

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  • Nebraska Personal Injury Actions

    Do I have a personal injury case? The law is designed compensate people who have had a loss because another person was careless. There are thousands of injuries that deserve money damages and generally, cases fall into one of three categories. If ...

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