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This is FindLaw's collection of State and Federal Tax articles, part of the Finance section of the Corporate Counsel Center. While some states do not have an income tax (Nevada), all residents and all citizens of the United States are subject to the federal income tax. Corporations file taxes as well. While they are subject to may of the same rules as are individual taxpayers, they are also covered by an intricate body of rules addressed to the peculiar problems of corporations. Law articles in this archive are predominantly written by lawyers for a professional audience seeking business solutions to legal issues. Start your free research with FindLaw.

Tax Articles

  • Managing Stock Options in a Volatile Market

    Until recently, few people outside the investment community understood the value of stock options. But the explosion of entrepreneurial companies in the 1990s, spurred by a raging bull market, changed all that. Today, nearly all employees of growing ...

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  • IRS Physician Recruitment Ruling

    On April 22, the IRS released its long-promised revenue ruling dealing with physician recruitment by tax-exempt hospitals. While Revenue Ruling 97-21 contains few surprises, it does include more detailed information than was previously available ...

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  • IRS Issues New Regulations for Payments to Foreign Persons

    Payments to domestic and foreign persons create a number of withholding and information reporting obligations for both the payor and the recipient of these payments under various provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (the "Code"). These procedures ...

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  • How to Effectively Compensate Your Management Team

    Recruiting and retaining premier executives to manage developing entrepreneurial and technology companies is a problem that often can be overcome with creative compensation packages. While highly attractive executives often have an entrepreneurial ...

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  • Hawaii's Tax Climate

    Hawaii has a balanced, broad-based tax system. With business tax changes recently enacted, Hawaii tax laws can make business more profitable. Some favorable aspects: ** No personal property tax. One of the few states no longer using tax on ...

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  • Guidance Provided on Industrial Production Exemption from Sales Tax

    The Minnesota Tax Court recently found that certain detachable tools used in manufacturing were exempt from sales tax under the Industrial Production Exemption. American Structural Metals, Inc. v. Commissioner of Revenue, Minnesota Tax Court Docket ...

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  • Foreign Sales Corporations

    Everyone can identify with the happy experience of the unexpected discovery of a few extra dollars tucked away in a coat pocket. The same principle can be applied to international trade when exporting businesses realize that the income tax benefits ...

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  • Federal Income Tax Classification of Governmental

    Most governmental entities and political subdivisions are not subject to federal income tax based on the principles of inter-governmental immunity.1 If an entity is separate from (not an "integral part") of the governmental unit, its income is ...

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  • FAQ: Outgoing Investment

    Are there any prohibitions or restrictions imposed by the U.S. government against U.S. persons making investments outside the U.S.? How does the Internal Revenue Code define the term "foreign"? How does the Internal Revenue Code define the term ...

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  • Exempt Organizations: Will Wright Patman Ride Again?

    We are advising our friends in the world of private foundations that now is the time to put your house in order. Certain signs precede certain events, and a meaningful Congressional review of certain current practices of private foundations and ...

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