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Construction Law

Construction law is about more than just building codes and disputes with contractors. It's a vast area of law that can involve matters related to contract interpretation, consumer expectations, and even how to select the best contractor for the best price for your client's business. Whether you represent a design professional, architect, development group, or engineer, as a construction lawyer you should be familiar with labor laws, administrative laws, and occupational health and safety regulations in your area. Click on the articles below to discover more about the bidding process, bonding, insurance, guarantees and sureties, as well as alternative dispute resolution options.

Construction Law Articles

  • Using Project Documentation: A Simple Format For A Construction Claim

    The prior newsletter discussed the documentation that should be maintained for a construction project. This article will discuss how that documentation should be incorporated into a construction claim. First, it is necessary to discuss what must be ...

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  • Preventing Legal Problems for Home Owners

    The cornerstone of my practice is quality relationships with my clients. My practice includes not only solving my clients' legal problems but educating my clients as to the importance of taking steps to avoid legal problems before they begin. Home ...

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  • Contractor: Is time on your side?

    As a contractor, you know that time is generally not on your side---time is money. You plan projects and allocate overhead based on projected schedules. If the schedule busts, then so does your bottom line. It is amazing, though, how many ...

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  • Florida Professional Malpractice Law: Liability of Design Professionals

    A design professional, such as an architect or engineer, becomes obligated to render professional services only by his or her promise. The promise is normally defined and the terms and conditions provided in a written agreement between the design ...

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  • Toxic Mold: Lawsuits Mushroom

    When the word "mold" is mentioned, one does not conjure up images of anything threatening. Sure, if left in the pantry long enough, that loaf of bread will start turning green with mold; or, if you ignore scrubbing your shower stall long enough ...

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  • Alternative Construction Approaches

    In many instances in the retail and restaurant industry, the question is not whether to build or not to build, but what method of contracting will achieve the best contractor for the best price. As the construction industry has matured, so have the ...

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  • Contract Interpretation: What is "Exposed"?

    The contractor was performing a fixed price building contract which required the performance of certain alterations to an existing facility, including several painting tasks. The scope of two elements of the contractor's painting work were disputed ...

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  • Extra Work in Construction Contracts

    We often find a provision similar to the following in the contract documents. "No alterations shall be made in the work, nor shall any charge be made by contractor for extra work, without the prior written approval of such by owner. If contractor ...

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  • Creation of a Contract by Solicitation of a Bid

    Bid day for a general contractor ("Contractor" or "GC") is full of excitement, tension, and stress, motivated by the hope that the bid submitted to the owner is the lowest so that it obtains the award. Often, subcontractors/suppliers ...

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  • Has El Nino Adversely Impacted Your Construction Project?

    This year's winter rains have impacted almost every contractor. The abnormal weather conditions have delayed most projects and adversely impacted many contractors' productivity. Many contractors now ponder what rights they have to recover the ...

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