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Federal Regulations

The following final rules having environmental impact were promulgated by federal regulatory agencies in July 1999:

  • The EPA issued the final regional haze regulations that call for states to establish goals and emission reduction strategies for improving visibility in all 156 mandatory Class I national parks and wilderness areas (64 FR 35714, July 1, 1999).

  • The EPA issued final approval of revisions to the Louisiana State Implementation Plan (SIP) for the Baton Rouge ozone nonattainment area (64 FR 35930, July 2, 1999).

  • The EPA added hazardous waste lamps to the list of universal wastes regulated under RCRA (64 FR 36466, July 6, 1999).

  • The EPA amended the effluent limitations guidelines and standards under the Clean Water Act for the pulp, paper, and paperboard point source category (64 FR 36580, July 7, 1999).

  • The EPA announced the availability of its interim policy on the use of permanent relocations as part of Superfund remedial actions (64 FR 37012, July 8, 1999).

  • The EPA issued its final decision to list wood furniture manufacture coatings, aerospace coatings, and shipbuilding and ship repair coatings in the first group of consumer and commercial product categories to be regulated under Section 183(e) of the Clean Air Act (64 FR 37783, July 13, 1999).

  • The EPA amended the national emission standard for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) for halogenat-ed solvent cleaning machines (64 FR 37683, July 13, 1999).

  • The EPA approved a revision to Louisiana's SIP because it adequately demonstrates that the state's Clean Fuel Fleet substitute program achieves equivalent or better long-term reductions in emissions of ozone-producing and toxic air pollutants than the federal program (64 FR 38577, July 19, 1999).

  • The EPA took direct final action on amendments to the NESHAP for off-site waste and recovery operations that the agency promulgated on July 1, 1996, under authority of Section 112 of the Clean Air Act (64 FR 38949, July 20, 1999). The rule applies to owners and operators of facilities that are major sources of hazardous air pollutants and manage certain wastes, used oil, or used solvents received from off-site locations.

  • The EPA revised its Consolidated Rules of Practice governing the administrative assessment of civil penalties, issuance of compliance or corrective action orders, and the revocation, termination, or suspension of permits (64 FR 40137, July 23, 1999).

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