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Motor Vehicle Insurance

Registration Fees for Uninsured Motor Vehicles. Increases the fee for registering an uninsured motor vehicle from $400 to $500, payable at the time of registration or re-registration. (HB 327)

Vehicle Color Information to be Included on Registration Card. Requires that applicants for registration or re-registration of motor vehicles indicate the predominant color of the applicable vehicle. The color information is to be maintained in the DMV records and be made available to law enforcement agencies. (HB 534; SB 310)

Modification of Motor Vehicle Insurance Cancellation and Non-Renewal Provisions. Eliminates the current statutory prohibition on an insurer's non-renewal of a motor vehicle insurance policy because of a single claim by a single insured submitted under the medical payments coverage, in connection with an accident for which the insured was not at fault. Cancellation of a renewal policy due to driver's license suspension or revocation during the policy period is now permitted during the policy period, or during the 90 days immediately preceding the last effective date (instead of the 90 days immediately preceding the last anniversary of the effective date). (HB 883)

"Aggressive Driving" Added to Driver Education Programs. Requires that the standard driver education program established by the Board of Education specifically include instruction concerning aggressive driving. (HB 896)

Motor Vehicle Rental Contract Insurance. Establishes the category of motor vehicle rental contract insurance agents who are defined and given licensure requirements. Additionally, under the new statutory provisions, when selling certain insurance, motor vehicle rental contract insurance agents are to provide written disclosures to prospective renters that (i) summarize the material terms of coverage offered, including the insurer's identity; (ii) advise that the coverage offered may duplicate coverage already provided by other sources; and (iii) state that the purchase of the coverage offered is not required in order to rent a motor vehicle. (SB 423)

Insurance Misrepresentation Provisions. Expands existing statutory provision prohibiting misrepresentations in insurance applications to prohibit such misrepresentations in any document or communication relating to the business of insurance. The new amendments also specifically prohibit any person from forging signatures on any document pertaining to the business of insurance. Further, the bill prohibits any person from obtaining signatures under false pretenses for the purpose of making insurance related changes, such as a change in benefits. (HB 675)

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