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Transportation Law

Transportation law presents attorneys and their clients with a very broad legal field to navigate. Maybe you represent a long-haul transportation company facing a myriad of challenging regulatory and legislative restrictions or the often harrowing task of negotiating with an insurance company on behalf of a commercial client after a terrible accident on the highway. Whatever legal situation you are handling, click below on FindLaw’s collection of Transportation Law articles as part of the Corporate Counsel Law Center Law Library. Check out other articles geared towards attorneys representing motorcycle injury victims, a discussion of the most common spinal cord injuries, and more information on what to do if your client is involved in a driving under the influence (DUI) case.

Transportation Law Articles

  • Pre-Tax Parking, Van Pooling, and Mass Transit Pass Programs

    The IRS has just published Proposed Regulations on .qualified transportation fringe benefits. that provide guidance for employers interested in offering pre-tax parking, commuter highway vehicle (van pooling), or mass transit pass programs. Over the ...

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  • Making Work a Little Less Work

    "How can I get it all done?" This is the question of the moment in our accelerated world, where 24 hours in a day just doesn't seem to be enough time. But who has time to wade through all the latest techniques for attaining peak productivity to get ...

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  • Safe Driving on the Interstate

    Article provided by the Sawaya Law Firm. Please visit our Web site at Driving on Colorado's interstate highways requires a keen awareness of your surroundings. Accidents on the interstates, where speed limits are high, can cause ...

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  • Fatigue: A Continuing Problem in the Railroad Industry

    Our economy runs twenty-four hours a day. Businesses operate round- the-clock to keep up with and gain on competitors. Competitive pressures in our manufacturing and service economies require corporations and businesses to push their people and ...

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  • What To Do If You Are In An Accident

    IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ACCIDENT: AFTER EMERGENCY PERSONNEL ARRIVE: David Danda David E. Danda & Associates, LLC P. O. Box 941334 Atlanta GA 31141-0334 770.938.0977 770.939.6538 (fax) (email ...

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  • New Jersey Lemon Law

    After spending thousands of dollars for a new or used car, consumers reasonably anticipate that their vehicle will meet specific standards of quality, performance and reliability. Indeed the phenomenon of getting stuck with a new vehicle that proves ...

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  • Clinton-Congress Compromise Y2K Legislation to Muffle Litigation Fireworks Temporarily

    Immediately before recessing for the 1999 Fourth of July holiday weekend, President Clinton and Congress agreed on a Federal Year 2000 legislative package--known as the Y2K Act--that provides some important additional protections for prospective ...

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  • Cell Phones And Cars: New Liability For Employers

    With over 100 million cell phones in use, employers are facing a new source of legal liability. A large number of employees use motor vehicles for work purposes and a growing number of them use cell phones while driving. Consequently, employers are ...

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  • Plate Impoundment in Minnesota

    Under certain circumstances the state has the authority to take the license plates off of a motor vehicle and destroy them. This is referred to as license plate impoundment. There are several sets of circumstances which can trigger plate ...

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  • Types of Shoulder, Spinal Cord and Back Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Every year, over 2 million people are injured in automobile accidents. Some of the most common and often overlooked injuries are to the spinal cord, back and shoulder. Injuries such as herniated discs, contusions, lower back sprains and rotator ...

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