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Arkansas class Y drug offenses and parole eligibility

Manufacturing crude methamphetamine has become relatively easy, and more and more people are looking for a fast buck in making it. If they get caught, the penalties and forfeitures are extremely harsh. In its "war on drugs," the Arkansas legislature has taken most class Y felonies, including manufacture and possession with intent to deliver of methamphetamine and cocaine and simultaneous possession of guns and drugs, and made them subject to 70% parole eligibility. There is also a ten year mandatory minimum up to a maximum of life imprisonment for class Y felonies. That means that any person convicted of a class Y felony manufacturing or possession with intent case will have to serve at least seven years in prison. Juries in Arkansas have given life in some drug cases, even where the quantities are not all that great.

The stakes are high, so the choice of a criminal defense lawyer to handle such as case is important. Many drug cases involve search and seizure issues, and I am a nationally known expert on search and seizure law.

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