Civil Litigation

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What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation is the process in which civil matters are resolved in a court of law. Civil matters can be described as situations dealing with relationships between people, such as a marriage, or a contract dispute between corporations. Rather than a case being a person versus the government, as in a criminal matter, civil cases are an individual or business filing suit against another individual or business. 

Civil Litigation Articles

  • Massachusetts Evidentiary Privileges

    This book describes in detail the Massachusetts law of evidentiary privileges, as well as related disqualifications and protections. It also sketches out the federal law of evidentiary privileges, with emphasis on cases from the First Circuit Court ...

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  • What Is Your Wrongful Death Case Worth?

    The valuing of a wrongful death case can be an extremely difficult matter. As in other areas, the law provides easily understood rules for determining those damages. The actual implementation of those rules in practice, however, can be difficult and ...

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  • Create A Homestead for Your Homestead

    A person's home is his or her castle, subject of course to real estate taxes, assessments, mortgages, and creditors threatening to attach the home to satisfy a money judgment. Filing a simple form with the Registry of Deeds won't help protect your ...

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  • When You And Your Partner Or Spouse Part Company, What Happens To Your Horses And Horse Property?

    Any time you involve someone else in your property, you should put into writing what will happen to that property if you part company with that person or persons. The best time to put it into writing is before the other person acquires an interest ...

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Q & A

    QUESTION NO. 1 My husband and I are having a boundary line dispute with our neighbors. Our neighbor's attorney has suggested that we go to a mediator. Will the mediator make a decision in this case after listening to all parties?No, a mediator does ...

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  • Dissolution of Marriage

    Husband, wife and attorneys have the absolute obligation to act properly, regardless of the behavior of the other. Do not stoop to the other's level. No matter how weird, the other side can justify his or her action to self. All disagreements ...

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  • Utility Credit: Fast Facts

    for Consumers Utility Credit Whenever you are denied credit - including utility credit - you have the right to know the specific reason.Bureau of Consumer Protection Office of Consumer & Business Education (202) 326-3650 "My husband and I always ...

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  • Perjury in Our Family Courts: Family Lawyers BEWARE!

    It is no surprise that emotions run high in the family law arena, and litigants’ perceptions of incidents vary wildly. What happens, however, when a witness swears to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” and then lies ...

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  • Is Selective Waiver of Privilege Viable?

    FindLaw's analysis of how the attorney-client privilege applies in the world of corporate investigations and the circuit split on the concept of selective waiver of the privilege.

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  • Does the Attorney-Client Privilege Protect Information Shared with Investment Bankers?

    FindLaw's examination of the scope of the attorney-client privilege including a discussion of how it applies to independent contractors as well as risk-reducing measures that can be taken to protect the privilege.

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