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Types of Personal Injuries

Medical Malpractice: Physicians and hospitals sometimes make disastrous mistakes. Because special rules and procedures govern medical malpractice claims, extensive efforts are required to prepare and prove medical error. Physicians must act with the same degree of care as the average practitioner in the same area of practice in the same community. Claims can also be made against dentists, nurses, clinics, chiropractors, and other health providers.

Defective Products: Machinery or products can be improperly designed, or manufactured. Also, they may carry insufficient warnings of danger. Defective products can vary from coffee pots and aerosol cans to press machines or children's toys. Regardless of the product, manufacturers, distributors and sellers must make it safe for reasonable use.

Slip and Fall: When landowners or tenants maintain their premises, falls can occur on sidewalks, parking lots or stairways of businesses or homes. Liquid or debris accumulation on floors and unsafe stairways can cause accidents. Owners and occupiers of land must make their premises reasonably safe.

Legal Malpractice: Lawyers, as any other professional, must act with a reasonable degree of care when handling matters for their clients. They must be familiar with time limits and the law involved in their clients' claims. When a lawyer does not act with proper care, a claim can be made.

"Dram Shop": When automobile accidents are caused by intoxicated persons who were served alcohol while obviously intoxicated, then the owner of a bar, tavern or restaurant can be liable for the intoxicated acts of customers they serve. These are "dram shop" cases. Investigation into the background of your accident may reveal this additional claim.

Chemical Exposure: Thousands of people have been exposed to toxic substances in their homes, on the job, or in public buildings. Repeated exposure to asbestos, burning industrial products or chemicals can cause severe injury. You can be compensated by companies that do not warn or protect you from hazardous chemicals, products or waste.

Miscellaneous Rights: Individuals have many other rights. Some examples are emotional distress, sexual harassment, job discrimination, or unfair tactics of insurance companies. You may be able to bring a lawsuit against the person or company that injured you, even if you are receiving Worker's Compensation benefits.

You have rights. When you are injured by another you can be compensated for your injuries, wage loss, medical expenses, physical pain, and suffering and mental anguish. Your family members may have claims for the loss of your assistance, companionship and society. The first step toward protecting your rights is to seek legal assistance. We are available for consultation to discuss questions you may have about injuries or additional matters. We can assist you with the procedures for obtaining benefits and determining your legal rights and as always, there is no charge for your initial consultation on any matter.

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