What is a Contingent Fee?

"The consumers' key to the Courthouse"

Lawyers sometimes agree to represent clients on a contingent fee basis. Instead of billing the client on an hourly basis, the lawyer agrees to accept a fee only upon the successful conclusion of the case. The fee is typically calculated as a percentage of the settlement or trial award. In the event the claim is unsuccessful, the lawyer receives no fee.

Contingent fee practice has been an essential ingredient in our justice system for more than 100 years. It permits every American, regardless of wealth or social standing, the opportunity to pursue a valid claim against even the most powerful corporation or individual. In large measure, the contingent fee has made our justice system the envy of the world. It breathes life into the democratic ideals that no one is above the law and everyone must be accountable for his or her behavior. The contingent fee is the equalizer -- the one device in law that gives injured people, no matter what their financial means, an even break in the courtroom against giant corporations and insurance companies.

At Sikov and Love, a large portion of our cases are handled on a contingent fee arrangement. We accept cases involving automobile accidents, malpractice, defective products, work injuries, fall downs, claims against insurance companies, fire losses and death cases on a contingent fee.

Our willingness to accept your case on a contingent fee is your opportunity to enforce your rights if you have been a victim and suffered an injury. The availability of a contingent fee allows you to go toe-to-toe with the individual or company responsible for your injury. The contingent fee is your key to the Courthouse.

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