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What is Products Liability?

"The laws that hold manufacturers accountable for the design and distribution of unsafe products."

When injuries are suffered as a result of using an unsafe or defectively designed product, the laws relating to products liability will control whether a financial recovery is available.

As attorneys who represent consumers, we know that the real issue is not products liability, but product safety. Were it not for the American citizens who bring products liability claims in our justice system each year, America would be a much more hazardous place.

Imagine an America in which an automobile manufacturer never had to give the slightest consideration to a recall or redesign of a defective vehicle. Imagine an America in which a manufacturer or retailer could market flammable children's clothing with impunity. Imagine an America in which cancer-causing asbestos was still used to insulate our schools, factories and offices.

Such an America is unimaginable due to the law of products liability. The law of products liability has had a dual effect -- to compensate people who have been injured by unsafe or defective products and to promote product safety by forcing manufacturers to more carefully design and produce products.

At Sikov and Love, we have handled a wide variety of products liability claims. We have litigated cases involving hand tools, swimming pools, industrial equipment, foam insulation, personal hygiene products, pesticides, and a host of others. We have expended the time and resources necessary to understand the scientific, engineering and design factors involved in each case. We have recruited experts from around the country to share their knowledge with us and the juries who have decided these cases.

If you or a friend or family member have suffered an injury by using a dangerous product, call us to discuss the case. Together we may be able to hold the manufacturer responsible and insure that similar injuries are prevented.

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