Winning Against Your Goliath Competitors

People relate to people, not organizations, and small businesses have the unique ability to treat customers or clients with a truly personal touch.

When David faced Goliath in the famous Biblical encounter, the odds looked insurmountable. For small business owners, facing large competitors may look similarly difficult. But small businesses can compete - and succeed - if they fill their slingshots with strategies that boost their chance for success, focus on their strengths and promote their attributes that make them unique.

Consider these tips when planning which "stones" to put in your slingshot - find your niche, create long-term relationships, develop employees who get it, be flexible and lean on trusted advisors.

Small businesses are a force to be reckoned with. According to the US Small Business Administration, there are approximately 25 million small business owners across the country. They employ more than half the country's non-governmental workforce, create three out of four new jobs and generate a wealth of American innovation. Your business, like many others, takes shots every day at your Goliath competitors. By employing the right strategies, you'll arm your company to succeed against the odds.

The full text of this article is published in Ingram's June 2005 issue.