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Human Resources

A corporation’s employees are integral to its success. Managing employees and employee programs can, however, be a minefield of legal issues. Topics like the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), sexual harassment, racial and gender discrimination, wage and overtime laws, WARN Act layoff compliance, OSHA regulations, and various labor organization issues are all within the corporate counsel’s area of responsibility. From what federal and state laws apply to your business, to unions, to benefits, to work visas, understanding labor and employment issues is vital to corporate counsel regardless of the size of your company. The Human Resources section of FindLaw’s Corporate Counsel Center provides information on these employment topics and more.

Human Resources Articles

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans

    Forty-two million American workers and retirees can rest assured that they have a guaranteed pension for life even if their employer goes out of business or their pension plan runs out of assets. They are covered by defined benefit pension plans ...

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  • How do you Create an Employee Handbook?

    You have finally decided to write a personnel handbook or to revise the one that has been laying around for years. But what policies should you include? And how do you guarantee that the manual will become a useful tool, and not your worst enemy? This article contains a helpful list of seven important rules to keep in mind when creating your employee handbook.

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  • What Should Be Included In Your Personnel Handbook

    Employee handbooks are one way that companies can better structure their workforce and workflow. Along with a company's internal policies and procedures, a personnel handbook should also address other basic rules and guidelines. With this article, FindLaw addresses some of these crucial elements in more detail.

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  • Retaliation Lawsuits Can Bring Surprising Results

    If an employee complains about his employer's conduct, and the conduct isn't actually unlawful, may the employee still have a viable claim for discrimination? Under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the answer is "yes." Read this article to learn more about how this would play out in the world of litigation.

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  • Employment-Based Temporary Working Visas

    There are several categories of temporary non immigrant visas which provide for employment authorization. The most frequently used business visa is the B-1 visitor for business. Although admitted into the United States for business, B-1 holders do ...

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