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Intellectual property issues often arise for corporate counsel. How do you protect the corporation’s intellectual property? What are the best practices for managing an intellectual property portfolio? What defenses are available against claims of patent infringement? Understanding general intellectual property topics is critically important for attorneys who counsel businesses in all industries, as failure to meet certain filing deadlines or take certain actions, can lead to an irreversible waiver of protective rights. The Intellectual Property section of FindLaw’s Corporate Counsel Center can help you get up to speed with information on Copyright, Patent, Trademark, Trade Dress, Trade Secret, and other related Intellectual Property issues.

Intellectual Property Articles

  • An Introduction to California Trade Secrets Law

    With the increasing theft of trade secrets and the costs it creates for industries, it's critical for companies to have an understanding of how trade secrets laws work, especially in states with large international economies like California. This article will help you get a handle on California's trade secrets laws, with useful definitions and tips for employers.

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  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: Patents

    l. Q. What do the terms "patent pending" and "patent applied for" mean? A. They are used by a manufacturer or seller of an article to inform the public that an application for patent on that article is on file in the Patent and Trademark Office. The ...

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  • Avoiding a Jury Trial on the Issue of Infringement Under the Doctrine of Equivalents

    Under the doctrine of equivalents, a U.S. patent may be infringed by a product or process that is not identical to the patented invention, so long as the product or process and the patented invention exhibit a sufficient degree of similarity. In a ...

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  • Branding in the Digital Age: A Brief Primer

    To compete effectively, a business must achieve market recognition for itself and its products. The economic expansion of the last decade has greatly increased the number of businesses trying to get attention from prospective customers. At the same ...

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  • Blocking Competitors by PCT Continuation Applications

    Thank you for the considerable interest generated by the article "Usurping Competitor's Patent Position By Little Known PCT Procedure" in our May 1995 Intellectual Property Report. The article reported on the option of nationalizing PCT ...

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