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Bankruptcy, trade secrets, domain squatters. What do all of these issues have in common? They are all part of the intellectual property law rubric. Findlaw has a number of articles to help you wade through the IP law maze. For instance, the intermingling between IP and bankruptcy law has increased over the past couple of years as more companies utilize intellectual property . You can also find information on domain names including what to do after you decide on a name such as purchasing it from a registrar, or look for a hosting provider that can do it for you—many hosts offer this as part of your hosting account package.

Other IP Articles

  • An Introduction to California Trade Secrets Law

    With the increasing theft of trade secrets and the costs it creates for industries, it's critical for companies to have an understanding of how trade secrets laws work, especially in states with large international economies like California. This article will help you get a handle on California's trade secrets laws, with useful definitions and tips for employers.

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  • Branding in the Digital Age: A Brief Primer

    To compete effectively, a business must achieve market recognition for itself and its products. The economic expansion of the last decade has greatly increased the number of businesses trying to get attention from prospective customers. At the same ...

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  • Bankruptcy Code Section 365(n) Protects Licensees Right to Continued Use of Intellectual Property

    In the rapidly changing world of technology, it is not uncommon for large companies to become dependent on start-up, financially vulnerable firms through the licensing of key technology. Withthe now you're hot, now you're not pace of the high-tech ...

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  • Licensing Translation Rights II: Negotiating The Deal

    Part I of this article, "Pre-Deal Tactics", discussed the initial methods and deal memorandum that could be employed by an English language publisher licensing translation rights to a foreign publisher. In this article I will discuss some of the ...

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  • Publisher Liability: Incitement & Negligent Publication

    The author and/or the publisher under certain circumstances, either individually or jointly, could be found liable for "incitement" or "negligent publication" if a reader of their publication is seriously injured, dies or suffers damage to their ...

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  • Protection of Fictional Characters

    My previous article, Protection Of Graphic Characters ( 1) provided an overview to the protection of characters and general guidelines for protection of a graphic character that is depicted by a cartoon or other graphic representation, such as ...

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  • Trade Dress: The Forgotten Trademark Right

    To understand how to protect trade dress rights, and why these rights are often forgotten or overlooked by clients and practitioners alike, a clear definition of the term is essential. A. The Traditional Approach Historically, trade dress "referred ...

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  • U.S. Customs and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

    Contents: What is an intellectual property right? How do these categories differ? How do I register a claim to an intellectual property right? How can Customs help protect my intellectual property? How can I report a Customs-related intellectual property rights violation? What is an ...

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  • Security Interests in Intellectual Property

    Lenders and investors are increasingly underwriting loans and investments on the basis of "intellectual property." This trend highlights the need for lenders to carefully consider the type of intellectual property involved in any loan transaction ...

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  • Recent Developments in Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage

    Since the introduction of the 1986 ISO form, personal injury and advertising injury coverage have been automatic, unless the insured specifically negotiated to waive the coverage. The 1986 form also redefined "advertising" injury, replacing "unfair ...

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