Copyright Registration Procedures

Copyright Registration Procedures

Written Works Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Prose, etc.
  • FL109 Registration of Books, Manuscripts, and Speeches
  • FL106 Registration of Poetry
  • Circular 62 Registration of Serials Periodicals, Newspapers, Annuals, etc.

Performing Arts Lyrics, Music, Plays, Videos, etc.
  • FL 119 Dramatic Works: Scripts, Pantomimes & Choreography
  • Circular 45 Motion Pictures including Video Tapes
  • FL 105 Registration of Music
  • Circular 50 Musical Compositions
  • Circular 56a Musical Compositions and Sound Recordings

Visual Arts, Drawings, Photographs, Sculpture, etc.

Other Works

More Copyright Information
  • FL100 International Copyright
  • Circular 38a International Copyright Relations of the United States
  • Circular 38b Highlights of Copyright Amendments Contained in the URAA
  • FL101 Pseudonyms
  • FL 102 Fair Use
  • Circular 21 Reproduction of Copyrighted Works By Educators and Librarians
  • Circular 1b Limitations on Information Furnished by the Copyright Office

Works NOT Protected by Copyright
  • FL 103 Useful Articles
  • Circular 31 Ideas, Methods, or Systems are NOT Protected by Copyright
  • Circular 32 Blank Forms and Other Works NOT Protected by Copyright
  • Circular 34 Names, Titles, Slogans, or Short Phrases