Litigation and Disputes

At some point, your company may face a lawsuit or allegations that could lead to a lawsuit or a criminal investigation. Are you prepared to deal with that scenario? As corporate counsel, you may not have as much experience with litigation as you do with corporate issues, but it will be important to understand the legal issues involved. Whether you handle the matter yourself or involve outside litigation counsel to handle the matter, you are responsible for managing the initial response, as well as the case and its outcome. Learn more about how to prepare and guide your company through these issues in the Litigation and Disputes section of FindLaw’s Corporate Counsel Center, which provides information on matters such as Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and related subjects.

Litigation and Disputes Articles

  • Delete At Your Peril: Preserving Electronic Evidence During The Litigation Process

    In the post-Enron age of business, you would probably never dream of shredding documents that might be relevant to a threatened or pending lawsuit. But what safeguards does your business have in place to prevent the destruction or concealment of electronic evidence?

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  • The Forgotten Trial

    More often than not, the punishment phase of a trial is treated like the "stepchild". It is something that takes a back seat to the "guilt/innocence" phase of the trial. However, with the attitude of today's appellate courts, specifically the ...

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  • Improving Negotiation Skills: Rules for Master Negotiators

    "A negotiation is an interactive communication process that may take place whenever we want something from someone else or another person wants something from us."1 "Take it or leave it!" "This proposal is non-negotiable." "Don't ask me to go back ...

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  • Following Spouse to New Job is Held Good Cause for Termination of Employment

    It was either a victory for family values or, as a dissenting judge described it, an unfair and unauthorized requirement that an employer subsidize the personal choices of its employees. The Rhode Island Supreme Court has held that an employee who ...

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  • Attorney's Fees

    This chapter explains various types of attorney fees, and how those fees are often determined. Some helpful tips to the consumer on how to keep their legal costs down are also included.An attorney bases fees on such factors as the degree of ...

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