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Immigration Law

If your practice involves immigration, you’ve come to the right place. FindLaw's collection of Immigration Law articles, part of the Corporate Counsel Center Law Library, contains a wealth of information covering key topics like the manner in which the United States federal government controls the flow of foreign nationals into our country to the nuances of obtaining legal status of persons born outside the U.S. If you need more information on distinctions between natural born citizens and foreign nationals seeking immigrant or nonimmigrant visas, click on the links below. Keep in mind: states have very little control over visa procedures or regulations, with the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution trumping nearly all attempted state or local legislation surrounding immigration. You will also find articles on H-1B visas and related immigration legislation as well as a useful guide on the steps to help your clients become legal U.S. citizens.

Immigration Law Articles

  • Family-Based Immigrant Visas

    Family unification is a major objective of U.S. immigration laws. Several carefully defined groups are eligible to immigrate to the U.S. based upon close family relationships. Immigrant visas are always immediately available in unlimited numbers for ...

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  • Detention and Bond, AILA's 12th Annual California Chapters Conference Handbook

    The process of representing an alien in the removal context most often commences when the alien is arrested. The arrest can occur at a port of entry or it can occur after the alien is already in the United States. For an attorney retained to try to ...

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  • Love, Marriage, Greencards and Divorce

    It is well known amongst the foreign born that the "easiest and fastest" way to become legal in the United States is through marriage to a United States citizen. Far less known are the numerous laws and regulations that attempt to defeat aliens in ...

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  • What a Consular Officer Is Authorized to Do As Opposed To What He Can Do with Impunity

    FindLaw's analysis of the Vienna Convention, definitions of consular functions and activities, and the recognized scope of a consular officer's duties.

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  • Your Guide to Fair Employment

    Look At the Facts. Not At the Faces. Your Guide To Fair Employment. --- Introduction This guide is designed to help you, the employer, understand and comply with the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). In short, INA requires you to hire and/or ...

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  • Deportation Defense under 1996 Immigration Laws

    Since the passage of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA), both in 1996, deportations of foreigners have increased exponentially. According to the INS ...

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  • State Of Hawaii Immigrant Investor Program

    The Immigration Act of 1990 created the Investor Visa Category allowing qualified applicants to obtain Green Cards (lawful Permanent Resident Status) through investment in a U.S. enterprise. The Investor Visa Category has attracted the attention of ...

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  • To B or Not: It is a Good Question

    Many foreign nationals enter the United States with B nonimmigrant visas. The B-2 visa may be used by tourists visiting the United States for vacation or to visit friends and family. The B-1 visa may be used by business visitors who are entering the ...

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  • Temporary Nonimmigrant Visas

    Temporary or nonimmigrant visas are given to foreign nationals who enter the US with permission and with what is called “nonimmigrant intent”, meaning that the person does not intend to stay in the US permanently. Available to visitors coming to ...

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  • Temporary Religious Workers

    The Immigration and Nationality Act provides a nonimmigrant visa category "R" for aliens proceeding to the United States to work in a religious capacity. Religious workers include ministers of religion who are authorized by a recognized ...

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