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Wills, Trusts and Probate Law

Probate attorneys handling wills, trusts, and estate administration must typically advise their clients on matters such as beneficiary designation, how to form a life estate in property, what will happen to property if your client fails to make an estate plan, and more. FindLaw’s Corporate Counsel Center Law Library has law articles written to help you better understand specific estate planning techniques and when to consider forming a trust on your client’s behalf. If your client needs a living will or an advance health care directive, click on the articles below to help inform your research and learn the requirements of each state, such as the number of witnesses necessary and who can be designated as a health care surrogate.

Wills, Trusts and Probate Law Articles

  • Community Property For Unmarried Couples

    FindLaw's review of caselaw from Washington finding that community property interests could apply to non-marital relationships.

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  • Basic Issues In Texas Family Law

    The Standard Possession Order is very detailed and you should study it if it governs your children's visitation periods ...

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  • Federal Estate Tax Q and A

    Do all estates pay Federal Estate Taxes?No. Federal law provides every person with an exemption known as the "unified credit." Under current law, the unified credit equivalent amount is $675,000 (2000). This amount gradually increases to $1,000,000 ...

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  • Estate Planning: The Basics

    You will never know how good your estate plan is because you won't be around to see how it works. However, the decisions you make now and how you plan your estate or how you fail to plan your estate will have a tremendous impact on your family for ...

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  • What documents are necessary to determine a bona fide marriage?

    Photographs that show both spouses together and with family and friends. These photographs can be taken at the wedding, at other functions or events, and throughout their relationship. Letters between the couple before the marriage, with their ...

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  • Probate and Estate Administration: Dealing With Incomplete Transfers

    The general prosperity of the American economy for the past few years has led to a situation where more individuals than ever before have been able to accumulate wealth in the form of transferable assets. The financial papers are replete with advice ...

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  • Charitable Giving Opportunities

    The purpose of this article is to address the many benefits that charitable giving provides - from income and estate tax savings to fulfilling personal and charitable goals. Assume a client has accumulated a $3,000,000 estate. The client expresses ...

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  • Estate Department

    The Estate Department is a monthly column written by CARY A. LIND and published in Newsbriefs, the monthly newsletter of the Northwest Suburban Bar Association. The columns are written for other attorneys. We believe, however, that even ...

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  • Summary of Estate Planning Issues

    The purpose of this article is to provide a brief overview concerning both tax and non-tax issues that should be considered in doing estate planning. Estate planning is the process of arranging one's affairs so that the transfer of assets at the ...

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  • Repeal of N.C. Inheritance Tax: a Step In The Right Direction

    Many clients are aware that the General Assembly repealed the inheritance tax for estates of persons dying after January 1, 1999. What has not been as widely reported is that the inheritance tax was replaced by an estate tax which is equal to the ...

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