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Juvenile Law

Whether you are new to the practice of juvenile law or a skilled veteran, FindLaw’s Corporate Counsel Center has a list of articles to help serve you. Representing a minor in a family law case involving child abuse, child neglect, or a high conflict divorce case can be both time-consuming and rewarding. In this section, you can research how certain states allow private attorneys to act as “minor’s counsel,” typically requested by court-appointed mediators, to help advocate for the child's best interests including the health, safety and welfare of the child. If your practice involves juvenile arrests, click on the article below detailing when the juvenile court will get involved or whether the case will be referred to an adult court. Finally, if you are representing a minor in a delinquency case, be sure to determine whether there was a legal basis for the charge. Click on the links below to get started.

Juvenile Law Articles

  • Practicing Juvenile Law in the Georgia Courts

    FindLaw's discussion of the practice of juvenile law in Georgia, with helpful tips for practitioners.

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  • Minor's Counsel

    In the State of California, a private attorney may be appointed to represent a minor in Family Law cases involving child abuse, child neglect, drug related cases, high conflict divorces and other cases the court deems appropriate. Requests for ...

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  • Juvenile Arrest

    The purpose of Florida's juvenile justice system is to protect society more effectively by attempting to rehabilitate, not just punish, children who commit crimes. Children in Florida are persons under age 18. Juvenile courts in Florida work with ...

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